Definition of unfaceable in English:



  • (of a situation or circumstance) not able to be confronted or dealt with.

    ‘in prison camp you learn how to face the most unfaceable truths without flinching’
    • ‘For in the middle of the deep dark night, we all lie awake, coming face to face with that which is unfaceable - and the ground beneath us shakes.’
    • ‘Dr. Fowles uses the term to describe what happens to people when they come face to face with what they believe is unfaceable.’
    • ‘The paranoiac develops intricate fantasies of persecution in order to mask the unfaceable fact that the powers that be don't care about him.’
    • ‘Through the course of the play, she numbs herself from both the unfaceable present and the tragic circumstance she painfully recalls.’
    • ‘This is often termed an ‘addictive personality’ - they believe that life without ‘their fix’ is unfaceable, not worth living and sad and boring.’
    • ‘Trauma memories may remain fresh and unfaceable 20 and 40 years after the fact.’
    • ‘Every healthy person has these sorts of defense mechanisms against unfaceable reality.’