Definition of unexampled in English:



  • Having no precedent or parallel.

    ‘a regime which brought such unexampled disaster on its people’
    • ‘To paraphrase Trotsky, even in times of unexampled crisis, mad acts like this constitute an unimportant percentage.’
    • ‘The food of a nation had perished, and a desolation unexampled in modern times came down upon the land.’
    • ‘The catastrophe, though unique in France, was not unexampled further east.’
    • ‘And today, as then, Churchill's next comment is note perfect: ‘Our comradeship and our brotherhood in war were unexampled.’’
    • ‘The best portraiture in history was, of course, done in the Low Countries, in an unexampled tradition that continued until the economic eclipse of the Netherlands by England.’
    superb, exquisite, superlative, excellent, wonderful, marvellous, beautiful, sublime, magnificent, idyllic, blissful, utopian
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