Definition of unestablished in English:



  • 1Not established.

    ‘unestablished denominations’
    • ‘They want you to equate in your mind that information you find on the internet from an unestablished source is basically no better than garbage.’
    • ‘Secondly, information on the efficacy of intervention from psychiatric services in reducing suicidal ideation and associated mental illness is unestablished.’
    • ‘Since Guatemalan Americans comprise a small and largely unestablished group, they have not yet been very involved with American politics.’
    • ‘What happened on Sunday morning, as far as the media reports have it, is that for some, as yet unestablished, reason, a stampede broke out among the thousands of pilgrims who were on their way from Arafah to the Jamarat Bridge near Mina.’
    • ‘She was working at Marshall Cavendish partworks at the time, and so unestablished was her career as an author that she simply popped out during the afternoon to attend the prize-giving.’
    • ‘The CSF PSA level may prove useful for identifying intradural metastasis of prostate cancer in patients with an as yet unestablished primary tumor or with multiple malignancies.’
    • ‘It was started ‘to create a journal we'd like to see our own work in’ and that would feature largely unestablished writers.’
    • ‘If any other species is allowed to settle into a martin house at an unestablished site, those houses will rarely attract nesting martins.’
    • ‘The biomechanical effects of this are unestablished.’
    • ‘With a circulation like that it could pay quite generously and it could be a lifeline for promising but unestablished writers.’
    • ‘We, the food blogging community, fall squarely into the unestablished food writing media.’
    • ‘He concludes that the value of zinc in persons with common cold symptoms remains unestablished because of blinding problems in comparing oral zinc preparations with placebo.’
    • ‘But with a typical Montreal bar's revenue expected to drop by at least 15 per cent, do you think bar owners are going to be willing to take financial risks with unestablished bands that are not a proven draw?’
    • ‘Balard competed for this position against the brilliant but unestablished Auguste Laurent, whose leftist politics and combative personality had made him persona non grata in Paris.’
    • ‘As a result of an unestablished link between long-haul flights and various medical conditions, the DVT controversy has involved numerous high-profile lawyers and politicians pushing for compensation.’
    • ‘The conventional wisdom is that the Yanks upgraded from an unestablished pitcher to a more experienced and heralded one - an ace in the making.’
    • ‘There is also some concern that people in many of the new developments within the county may give way to apathy due to an unestablished affiliation with the area.’
    • ‘In particular, young, unestablished players such as Glover, Mottola, SG DerMarr Johnson and PF Cal Bowdler should play with high energy.’
    • ‘For best results, water a young, unestablished tree directly over the root ball.’
    • ‘Other investors will not be so trusting and will need legal certainty regarding the title to property before buying in an unestablished market.’
    unconfirmed, unsupported, uncorroborated, not backed up by evidence, unverified, unattested, unproven, not validated, untested
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  • 2Not forming part of the permanent staff.

    ‘an unestablished professor of anatomy’
    • ‘Yet, for those who are unestablished, gaining recognition in the profession is a tough journey.’
    • ‘The SSI also warned in its annual report 2003, published yesterday, that ‘the unestablished basis of the Inspectorate, with all staff employed on temporary contracts, has the potential to compromise the authority.’’