Definition of unescapable in English:



  • Unable to be avoided or denied.

    • ‘That knowing, unescapable smile, told her he was quite proud of what he had accomplished.’
    • ‘Only now, in this late hour, does he realize the folly of his ways: the spiral of destruction that has led to this unescapable darkness.’
    • ‘But Death is unescapable as long as there is Life.’
    • ‘This was absolutely essential and unescapable.’
    • ‘It's wonderful - very comfy and safe for kitty, and unescapable.’
    • ‘The unescapable phenomenon then underlying astrology is that the different elements are related to each other and to our lives.’
    • ‘Part of the overall drabness in this film emerges from the unescapable funnel effect of the visuals, which are doused in a cold blue-steel tint.’
    • ‘The latter nation-view tends to incite feelings of unescapable impending doom, a resurgence of the old Cold-War nuclear Armageddon panics.’
    • ‘He's also one of the board members of the Student Council - obviously it was the freshmen who voted for him - which adds to his unescapable air day by day.’
    • ‘When we build our computers small, so small that errors become unescapable, will we continue to try to maintain the model of the transistor and the near deterministic completely controlled system?’
    • ‘To me the problem lies in one unescapable human flaw - people's overwhelming drive to seek power and control over others.’