Definition of unerringly in English:



  • See unerring

    • ‘Customers in the know came through the door, went unerringly to the spot where their clothes would be hanging and brought them to the iron hook at the end of the counter.’
    • ‘The ball rolls crisply and unerringly towards the cup before dropping in to give the 39-year-old Scot his first European Tour victory since August 5, 2001.’
    • ‘But the finger of suspicion points unerringly at us.’
    • ‘Older brother, Alan, stepped forward to take the penalty, and the high pressured kick was unerringly struck to the back of the net.’
    • ‘As a child back in the Little Town I could walk unerringly to the history section of the local library and pluck numerous volumes I'd read about World War II off the shelf.’