Definition of unequipped in English:



  • predicative Not equipped with the necessary items or skills.

    ‘kids unequipped to deal with the situation’
    • ‘If we continue to allow our fears to overwhelm us, then we may create a generation completely unequipped to cope with the travails of their own lives.’
    • ‘The knock-on effect is that the streets are sewers of foul-smelling rubbish and discarded flyers, with which the council seems woefully unequipped and disinclined to deal.’
    • ‘Indeed, more than ready, and we will not send you out into the world unequipped.’
    • ‘People who are undereducated often feel unequipped to participate in the political process.’
    • ‘Most of the criticism reserved for former health minister Clarke is that at 61 he is past his sell-by date and somehow unequipped for today's challenges.’
    • ‘The United States is completely unequipped to deal with a problem like this.’
    • ‘At the same time, however, the city has a solid, and seemingly intractable core of families caught in the poverty trap, living on benefits, untrained and unequipped for the job market.’
    • ‘Having preferred the fun, party-filled, alcohol-laced life she'd become accustomed to in college, she was unprepared and unequipped for motherhood.’
    • ‘But more horrifying still would be a military unable or unequipped to deal with the Forces of Terror.’
    • ‘And this can leave us unequipped to deal with just those problems for which new facts and analysis are most needed.’
    • ‘But, if you want to leave unequipped, that's fine with me.’
    • ‘They are simply unequipped to understand or handle reality.’
    • ‘The unpaid, unequipped and untrained army was to be inspired by feelings of patriotism and nationalism.’
    • ‘He was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive, and Flinn was totally unequipped to deal with this.’
    • ‘But unlike Mr. Jack I was neither a doctor nor a surgeon, and thus I was unequipped to deal with the trickiness of human anatomy.’
    • ‘Her story is a compelling example of what can happen to migrant women who are unequipped socially and economically to deal with their new role.’
    • ‘Now there are so many resources offering advice and information that no mother should be unequipped.’
    • ‘Therefore, when asked why this and why that by their children, they often find themselves unequipped to supply the answers.’
    • ‘Rushing into things may leave you unequipped to deal with problems should they arise.’
    • ‘These students are desperately unequipped to handle the rapidly evolving and demanding technical and professional skills in the public sector and the business world of the 21st Century.’
    unskilled, untaught, non-technical, unschooled, untutored, unpractised, inexperienced, unversed, uninformed, unacquainted
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