Definition of unentangle in English:



  • another term for disentangle
    • ‘Obviously once our paths unentangle the bond is broken.’
    • ‘You will see how your thoughts are created and set up, add a higher frequency to them, and unentangle your emotional and mental bodies for clearer, illuminated thinking.’
    • ‘The key to this situation is to know how to unentangle yourself: if in doubt, release the harness bar.’
    • ‘My sheets were around my legs tight for some reason so I spent 2 minutes unentangling them just to fall out of bed.’
    • ‘Contrast that with our system, which has no independent Election Commission, and relies on court challenges to unentangle messy elections.’
    • ‘She can go to the bathroom without asking anyone's permission, or needing someone to unentangle her from her various tethers.’
    • ‘It's difficult to unentangle the two in my head and in all likelihood it may be that the two are one and the same and I'm creating a division that doesn't exist.’
    • ‘When we realize the dreamlike quality of existence we begin unentangling ourselves from our attachments and cravings, and we open ourselves to joy.’
    • ‘By removing a technology constraint and unentangling the technology from the business functions, our platform encourages and enables best-of-breed business relationships.’
    • ‘I hung out with some friends at one of our spots as some issues had to be unentangled.’
    • ‘Hell I have enough trouble right now unentangling a new domain of mine from the ghoulish grip of the spammers.’
    • ‘Working alone in the ancient abbey, Blake discovered ‘the simple and plain road to the style of art at which he aimed, unentangled in the intricate windings of modern practice.’’
    • ‘Patrick, the festival was a moment in which my poetic project was able to unentangle itself from quotidian demands.’
    • ‘It might also mean unentangling some joint engineering and procurement activity though, but maybe there are creative financial possibilities there.’
    • ‘One way to solve the problem is to unentangle links from narrative in the XML representation.’
    • ‘When I finally managed to unentangle myself and force my way through to Al, I broke down and started to cry.’
    • ‘Again, upon a closer look your meaning is obvious, but it forces the reader to stop and unentangle the sentence, disrupting the otherwise beautiful flow of your words.’
    • ‘After all, our metaphysics aims to keep order in our physical house and this neatly reconciles myth and philosophy with science and unentangles us from too much enchantment with the senses.’