Definition of unenforceable in English:



  • (especially of an obligation or law) impossible to enforce.

    ‘such contracts may be declared unenforceable by the courts’
    • ‘Is the contract unenforceable on grounds of illegality?’
    • ‘Nothing destroys governmental authority more than an unenforceable law, as the poll tax demonstrated.’
    • ‘However, in many instances the international systems lack specificity and are relatively unenforceable.’
    • ‘An oral contract of apprenticeship, although legally valid, is unenforceable unless and until acted upon.’
    • ‘Mrs Wilson says that renders the agreements unenforceable.’
    • ‘But the decision is that these promises are invalid and unenforceable.’
    • ‘Another student said that the new rules are unenforceable because the entire student section would get ejected.’
    • ‘Do nothing - the order remains invalid and unenforceable.’
    • ‘Such unenforceable laws only opened new opportunities for corruption.’
    • ‘On this basis there can be laws even if they are in practice unenforceable.’
    • ‘It means that the contract is to be treated as unenforceable on grounds of some overriding public policy.’
    • ‘It is a criminological commonplace that it is counter-productive to pass unenforceable laws because this breeds general contempt for the law.’
    • ‘Police bosses secretly taxed the trespass of what was seen as unenforceable laws.’
    • ‘Many positive rights are unenforceable by courts.’
    • ‘If an agreement of this general kind is held to be contrary to public policy, it may be unenforceable.’
    • ‘As was obvious from the outset, the treaty obligation is proving unenforceable.’
    • ‘A contract for an illegal purpose is unenforceable regardless of when the seller learns of that purpose.’
    • ‘In my heart of hearts, I think unenforceable laws such as these are abominations that bring the entire legal system into disrepute.’
    • ‘It is submitted that the condition was accordingly unenforceable or void for uncertainty.’
    • ‘When a mere game has unenforceable rules, you can just change the rules with no great loss to your honour.’
    void, legally void, null, null and void, not binding, inoperative, worthless
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