Definition of unemployable in English:



  • (of a person) not able or likely to get paid employment because of a lack of skills or qualifications.

    • ‘Economies in most of the region continue to deteriorate, complicated by a high birthrate which is generating huge numbers of unemployable young men.’
    • ‘Burt Reynolds was the top box-office attraction in the late 1970s and virtually unemployable a decade later.’
    • ‘For the most part they have lingered this long on the dole because they are the least skilled and the most unemployable of the nation's welfare recipients.’
    • ‘We are creating skip loads of new jobs every year but because something has gone badly wrong in the skilling department, we have an army of unemployable people walking the streets.’
    • ‘Everything I knew about psychology, of human nature, indicated that they wouldn't fall for it - I'd be discovered straight away, and forever be cast into unemployable obscurity.’
    • ‘Now, a former professor of Communism is utterly unemployable.’
    • ‘The listening test features unemployable actors or robots reading out unnatural sentences in plodding monotones, or with inflections in the wrong places.’
    • ‘He hires all his unemployable comedy friends and we're supposed to chuckle along with their camaraderie, as though paying eight bucks makes us eligible to be in on the in-jokes.’
    • ‘If your child grows up to be an unemployable slob, he will be an economic burden on the family.’
    • ‘I may be a graduate of the noble and downright unemployable subject of Drama, but even I draw the line at mime artists.’
    • ‘There will always be people who are unemployable no matter what help you offer.’
    • ‘Now that paid annual leave is customary they would seem to have served their purpose, while for the retired, the unemployed and the unemployable they are irrelevant.’
    • ‘For example, if the powers that be want to disenfranchise you or make you unemployable, that's one sure way to do it.’
    • ‘The only question left was which of these Tinsel Town elites would ruin their expensive designer clothes to jump into a giant pond to save an unemployable actor?’
    • ‘Never mind that women's liberation also released men from the responsibility of marrying young and supporting unemployable wives.’
    • ‘The team talk about how to hold on to your job when you know you're not performing and you're terrified that getting help will not only get you fired anyway but make you unemployable in the future.’
    • ‘The new South Africa is confronted by the spectre of an ever-expanding army of unemployed and unemployable youth.’
    • ‘In other words, because so many leave school practically unemployable, it's not surprising there is such a huge pay gap between them and the university-educated elite.’
    • ‘Anyone - Hindu, Muslim or Sikh - who is educated in one of those small-minded, sectarian schools that religious institutions run will find himself, at the end of his education, almost unemployable.’
    • ‘Turning recreational drug users into unemployable ex-cons is not a good use of tax dollars.’


  • An unemployable person.

    ‘an underclass of unemployables’
    • ‘The blacklist was officially on, or, rather, unofficially on, since there was no authoritative list of unemployables.’
    • ‘Vibrancy and celebratoriness are of course two important parts of the payroll vote industry giving a wage, if not quite employment, to the otherwise unemployables with media studies certificates so some purpose is served.’
    • ‘The new divide is between us and the unemployables.’
    • ‘Our education system is producing unemployables.’
    • ‘Will screening create a new underclass of the uninsurable and the unemployable?’