Definition of unembarrassed in English:



  • Not feeling or showing embarrassment.

    ‘he was quite unembarrassed by his state of undress’
    ‘an unembarrassed silence’
    • ‘I think straight directors think only ugly guys are funny or will merit the unembarrassed attention of other straight men.’
    • ‘The next I hear, she has been spotted dining alone, unembarrassed, in an unfussy brasserie I had suggested.’
    • ‘It wasn't within my power to have John unembarrassed too.’
    • ‘When she caught him, she simply smiled up at him, unabashed by his staring and unembarrassed.’
    • ‘Never before had I felt so unembarrassed when I was singing into a microphone in front of a restaurant full of people I didn't know.’
    • ‘They take a genuine and completely unembarrassed pride in it, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.’
    • ‘Gabby rolled her eyes up, unembarrassed and continuing to hold her compact.’
    • ‘You are living your life, you are unembarrassed to talk to new people, you are not ashamed of your worthlessness.’
    • ‘It appears entirely unembarrassed by the revelation that its rules are so ineffective that only one motorist in ten follows them.’
    • ‘And we are all, clearly, going through a profoundly unsexy moment, which we are, paradoxically, unembarrassed about vocalising.’
    • ‘We glided across the floor, unembarrassed and unfazed.’
    • ‘And they're confident and unembarrassed enough to do it, not just in public but on stage in front of a paying audience.’
    • ‘I dashed after her and caught up with her outside where she stood unabashed and unembarrassed staring around her.’
    • ‘And they are ferociously unembarrassed about taking their clothes off: most German spa baths are full of elderly nudes.’
    • ‘Shane was standing in the hall, apparently unembarrassed by the obvious scrutiny of her mother.’
    • ‘But Stephen King is unembarrassed, he goes right at these things.’
    • ‘That is still something worth fighting for and I am unembarrassed by saying it.’
    • ‘America in the 30s boasted an active and unembarrassed left.’
    • ‘Maybe some things are best left unsaid, but I am leaning to the view that parents should be accurate, clear and unembarrassed about the matter.’
    • ‘Finally, I ran around the counter and pulled Dominic off with two hands, leading him back to the customer side, where he seemed unembarrassed by his conduct.’
    flagrant, glaring, obvious, undisguised, unconcealed, overt, open, transparent, patent, evident, manifest, palpable, unmistakable
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