Definition of uneconomic in English:



  • 1Unprofitable.

    ‘the closure of uneconomic pits’
    • ‘So he wants to increase taxes to make it uneconomic and unprofitable for airlines to offer cheap flights.’
    • ‘One of the world's largest mining companies, Rio Tinto Zinc, which discovered the Tyrone gold deposits 16 years ago, abandoned the site in the belief that its size was uneconomic.’
    • ‘New insurers are, in effect, partitioned off from the higher value plans by virtue of the uneconomic pricing this would entail.’
    • ‘This makes expansion beyond a few branches and ATMs uneconomic.’
    • ‘Even with price support such farms were uneconomic, so that French farming families were obliged to supplement their farm income with income earned outside farming.’
    • ‘Recovery is not going to be aided by encouraging cash rich companies to dissipate their savings by investing in uneconomic projects, nor by enabling bankrupt companies to borrow more money.’
    • ‘The proposal would not only make execution-only services uneconomic, it would also throw a spanner in the works in respect of the provision of investment services over the internet.’
    • ‘State officials retained considerable economic control and allowed uneconomic factories and mines to continue operating.’
    • ‘Where the provision of a service is regarded as uneconomic, subsidies will be paid.’
    • ‘Phone companies may complain that the kiosks are uneconomic, but just think of all the money they get from us in other, more modern ways, via mobiles and the like.’
    • ‘And, importantly, large numbers of uneconomic enterprises throughout the economy had disappeared.’
    • ‘We simply cannot imagine an environment with greater ‘entrepreneur errors’ or the funding of more uneconomic enterprises.’
    • ‘It is considered particularly attractive in remote areas, where it is uneconomic for telcos to invest.’
    • ‘The expansion in the southeast coal sector in the early 1980s was marginally uneconomic, generating a basecase loss of $89 million.’
    • ‘We have to sell some products at uneconomic prices in order to compete, but we do compete and we continue to improve our performance.’
    • ‘This uneconomic tax policy represents a shift away from optimum fiscal principles.’
    • ‘The development of sophisticated means for fuel storage of hydrogen does not solve the main problem of the present uneconomic cost of producing hydrogen for the fuel cell.’
    • ‘The IFA leader said cattle prices of 82p/lb are not viable and producers who bought stores last autumn or early spring are all losing serious money at this uneconomic price level.’
    • ‘Critics had attacked Bus Eireann for using uneconomic fares when seeking to compete with private sector operators.’
    • ‘Diamond producer Namdeb is making progress on new projects that are aimed at finding new reserves and discovering ways of economically mining previously uneconomic reserves.’
    unprofitable, uncommercial, unremunerative, non-viable
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    1. 1.1 Constituting an inefficient use of money or other resources.
      ‘it may be uneconomic to repair some goods’
      • ‘In capitalist terms, it is simply uneconomic to treat them.’
      • ‘Lower software prices also open up new opportunities for Americans to buy software for uses that were uneconomic when software was produced by higher cost Americans.’
      • ‘It says Ethandune needs substantial repairs and it currently provides unsuitable and uneconomic accommodation.’
      • ‘‘The council refused to consider having some of the new flats as affordable housing, saying this would be problematic, uneconomic and highly inefficient’, Cllr Williams said.’
      • ‘It would be hugely uneconomic to build a whole new network.’
      • ‘He said vehicle registration tax made it more expensive and uneconomic for people in Britain and Northern Ireland to buy used cars here.’
      • ‘As to the other two points, it was not suggested that the cost of repairs might be irrecoverable or that it might be uneconomic to recover it.’
      • ‘And in any event, the grid is a shared resource; it would be wildly uneconomic to try to harden it everywhere just to meet the power-reliability needs at truly critical nodes scattered throughout a city.’
      • ‘Tenants fear a merger with another association could lead to a doubling of rent and an increase in empty properties due to uneconomic repairs meaning people would have to leave their homes.’
      • ‘The claimants have failed to satisfy me that piecemeal repair of the units, and replacement of units by re-conditioned units where necessary, would be an uneconomic or unsatisfactory method of repair of the system.’
      • ‘Around €150 million in taxes were written off as the Revenue said it was uneconomic to collect the tax.’
      • ‘If you do buy a Pentium 133 notebook PC, bear in mind that you are buying into old technology and that if anything should go wrong with it in the future then it is likely that even if parts were available, it would be uneconomic to repair.’
      • ‘A claimant whose motor car is damaged by the negligent driving of the defendant will either incur expense in putting right the damage or discard the vehicle, i.e., write it off as uneconomic to repair.’
      • ‘They are concerned they will receive space they would not have chosen for themselves: patches of random space, uneconomic space, and small space.’
      • ‘In the later stages of a boom, excessive money and credit creation finance inflated asset prices and too much money and credit fuels uneconomic investments.’