Definition of uneasy in English:


adjectiveuneasier, uneasiest

  • 1Causing or feeling anxiety; troubled or uncomfortable.

    ‘she felt guilty now and a little uneasy’
    ‘an uneasy silence’
    • ‘When it works, it gives the film an appropriately edgy and uneasy feel.’
    • ‘This is an area where I've often noticed politicians getting a bit fidgety, uneasy even.’
    • ‘A silence came over them as neither knew what to say next to break the uneasy silence.’
    • ‘The air in the infirmary seemed to thicken with an anxious, uneasy feeling.’
    • ‘If you have ever walked into a room that made you feel edgy or uneasy, it probably is out of balance.’
    • ‘Now that the conversation had ended an uneasy silence had descended upon the building.’
    • ‘PC Dunn suggested that the appellant's demeanour was jittery and very uneasy.’
    • ‘In the past six months have you ever had a spell or an attack when you suddenly felt frightened, anxious, or very uneasy?’
    • ‘After years of keeping quiet it is time to find his voice, time to send out echoes into the uneasy silence.’
    • ‘I mean we don't have to talk all the time, and there's never any uneasy silences.’
    • ‘The Spaniards grew fearful, uneasy and their discontent soon turned to open mutiny.’
    • ‘These families have not returned to Juda as yet and an uneasy silence pervades the huts left behind by them.’
    • ‘There was nowhere else in the world she wanted to be yet she felt trapped, uneasy, restless.’
    • ‘An uneasy silence and a certain amount of shifting in seats pervades the group.’
    • ‘These figures unsettle the whole society, and make us feel uneasy and worried.’
    • ‘Diego grew uneasy with the silence and stood up, she walked to the door and knocked on it.’
    • ‘I feel uneasy, a bit nervous, and very eager to get the move done now and all these boxes unpacked.’
    • ‘An uneasy silence descends in the hire car, and something tells me we need to confer.’
    • ‘Cal turned off the music, causing the car to fill with an uneasy silence.’
    • ‘The occasional acknowledgement of the audience jolts you into an uneasy self-consciousness.’
    worried, anxious, ill at ease, troubled, disturbed, agitated, nervous, tense, overwrought, keyed up, on edge, edgy, apprehensive, restive, restless, fidgety, discomposed, discomfited, perturbed, alarmed, fearful, fraught, upset
    worrying, disturbing, troubling, agitating, alarming, dismaying, perturbing, disquieting, concerning, unsettling, disconcerting, upsetting
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  • 2(of a situation or relationship) not settled; liable to change.

    ‘she lived in a state of uneasy truce with her strict father’
    • ‘Well, more accurately, people have had an uneasy relationship with fur on the catwalk.’
    • ‘Shoes have an uneasy relationship with feminism, because of their role as sexual signifiers.’
    • ‘It was an uneasy situation when a close friend pulls a gun on the most dangerous man in the world.’
    • ‘Most of the time, it's an uneasy truce, but they've struck a good balance this year.’
    • ‘They have always had an uneasy relationship with a young man they have viewed as too brash.’
    • ‘For many years, the small community has shared an uneasy truce with the creatures.’
    • ‘An uneasy truce has broken out in the coffee shop cybersquatting war.’
    • ‘Oskar has an uneasy relationship with his mother, who has started seeing another man.’
    • ‘Today's poem explores further that uneasy relationship between savage cat and gentle poet.’
    • ‘Dolev says this uneasy truce is the most positive vision he can offer.’
    • ‘The outcome has been an uneasy truce - but one which can only help Zimbabwe cricket as it tries to rebuild.’
    • ‘In my office, there are two warring factions maintaining an uneasy truce.’
    • ‘Because of his concerns to get a job done right, Peter Saville and business have long had an uneasy relationship.’
    • ‘With time running out, Hardy and Osborne call a temporary, if uneasy, truce.’
    • ‘I swear I have no idea how she does it, I mean putting me in strange and uneasy situations.’
    • ‘An uneasy truce occurred during the war when hostilities seemed to cease.’
    • ‘After the war, she settled down to an uneasy domesticity with Penrose and their son.’
    • ‘Ultimately, In Your Hands is about the unusual and uneasy relationship between the pair.’
    • ‘The incident comes at an uneasy time in relations between Washington and Beijing.’
    • ‘Modern Britain has certainly had an uneasy relationship with modern sexualities.’
    tense, awkward, strained, constrained, forced, fraught, precarious, unstable, insecure
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