Definition of undue in English:



  • Unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate.

    ‘this figure did not give rise to undue concern’
    • ‘There are numerous complaints about the undue delays there are in planning at the moment.’
    • ‘Cllr Joe Dunne said he was concerned at what appears ‘to be an undue delay’ in putting the scheme in place.’
    • ‘Anyone who continues to look at the new environment from an outdated perspective will become embroiled in excessive and undue worries.’
    • ‘This follows a landmark European Court ruling that governments must now pay for their citizens' medical treatment abroad if there is undue delay providing it at home.’
    • ‘Where there is abundance of food, excessive eating and undue weight gain are not uncommon, although there is in fact a normal physiological tendency to lay down more fat stores in the earlier months.’
    • ‘It also gives grounds for caution at the possibility of undue government interference or excessive bureaucratization.’
    • ‘Meaney suggested that the Board examine the possibility of buying services from the private sector in cases where there was undue delay.’
    • ‘When we finally started to make inroads and become popular, there was so much, at least as far as the band was concerned, undue attention being paid to my stuff.’
    • ‘Although I was particularly careful not to name any person, I regret any distress or undue concern that might have been caused to any person.’
    • ‘Given the type of congestion we have experienced, undue delay in providing the roads needed would be a recipe for a real nightmare scenario.’
    • ‘They did not anticipate any undue delay in meeting the council's request and expected that the council's deliberations would be concluded soon after the provision of the information.’
    • ‘Overpopulation and rampant species loss are ‘unfounded or undue concerns.’’
    • ‘Serious problems usually result from undue delay in seeing a doctor.’
    • ‘Voluntary organisations such as Civil Defence also need call-out plans to bring personnel in from their everyday activities in an effective manner and without undue delay.’
    • ‘They impose excess burdens through undue discouragement of such investment.’
    • ‘He also called for cancer services in Ireland to be put ‘on a par with the rest of Europe and the world without any undue delay.’’
    • ‘Society as a whole has placed undue and excessive trust in the ability of political measures to solve the problems of the Aborigines.’
    • ‘And that's appropriate because the threat is an urgent one, and we need to act without undue delay.’
    • ‘It was characterised by an excessive and even undue respect for authority and authoritarianism.’
    • ‘‘The minister said that he was anxious to deal with the proposed legislation and was not in favour of undue delay,’ said Mr Walsh.’
    excessive, extreme, immoderate, intemperate, disproportionate, inordinate
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