Definition of undressed in English:



  • 1Wearing no clothes; naked.

    ‘he was undressed and ready for bed’
    • ‘He denied he had feared forensic examination could reveal their underwear had come into contact with his carpet, suggesting they had been at least partially undressed in his house.’
    • ‘Her voice is undressed too, raspy and naked, with her guitar-playing serving more as a frame for her words than as a force of its own.’
    • ‘You should also know that I'm not really naked, though I may be partially undressed.’
    • ‘Cheyenne was laying in the bed, undressed from what I could see, and turned on her side, but she looked over her shoulder when the door opened.’
    • ‘They were attired, undressed or partially clad.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that we've just spent the night together and explored just about every inch of each other's bodies I feel embarrassed now because she's undressed.’
    • ‘The $200 million film, which premiered last week, is already making waves as one of those rare specimens where the men are more undressed than the women.’
    • ‘‘Leave her alone,’ the undressed young man said groaning, ‘Better yet, get her out of here.’’
    • ‘He was charged in 1990 with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after being caught partially undressed with a 15-year-old girl.’
    • ‘But it's 12.32 and I'm still undressed and can't get going.’
    • ‘The actress claims a paparazzo photographer used a telephoto lens to snap her when she was partly undressed in her home.’
    • ‘Cynthia was completely undressed, except for the pale cream under-slip that fit like a thin, baggy dress.’
    • ‘Her identical poses mimic Newton's paired photographs showing a group of statuesque fashion models similarly dressed and undressed.’
    • ‘Military police had only intervened when the girl was already half undressed.’
    • ‘The spokesman said security staff had reported the same mannequin found undressed on several occasions.’
    • ‘The percentage of undressed females didn't change.’
    • ‘He lay me on the bed, undressed, as he removed his own clothes.’
    • ‘He had a strong sense of justice: I recall his fury about one poor man who was being unjustly accused of indecent exposure because he had stumbled undressed from bed to close his curtains.’
    • ‘The two men, she said seemed to be partially undressed while the woman appeared to be naked.’
    • ‘And here she is again, looking half undressed, on the Q cover.’
    naked, nude, stark naked, bare, unclothed, unclad, stripped, denuded, disrobed, undraped, with nothing on, exposed
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  • 2Not treated, processed, or prepared for use.

    ‘undressed deerskin’
    ‘a rough, undressed stone slab’
    • ‘All the stones are local sandstone, undressed, and, in common with other circles on Exmoor, are fairly small in size, the largest only 1m long.’
    • ‘Some are distinctly organic, the bark still on the sinuous floor joist, a chimneystack of undressed stone.’
    • ‘Use traditional lime mortars rather than leaving external stone undressed.’
    • ‘It is made of roughly coursed undressed rectangular stone facings with a rubble core.’
    untreated, unprocessed, unprepared, unfinished, raw, rough, natural
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  • 3(of food) not having a dressing.

    ‘an undressed salad’
    • ‘Make a large, undressed green salad to have on hand for a few days.’
    • ‘He observes, rightly, that the Calabrian peasant who has toiled for long hours in the field does not want to come home to a grilled sardine and an undressed green salad.’
    • ‘This the time of year to eat healthily, but I'm not suggesting for one minute that this means eating undressed salads!’
    • ‘But blandish rice and undressed iceberg salad don't do much to help out.’
    • ‘Two lime wedges were a welcome addition to a large, undressed fillet of cod, which was bland due to overcooking.’
    • ‘For Rory Bremner, the greatest impersonator of the age, about the only thing he finds tasteless is an undressed salad.’