Definition of undone in English:



  • 1Not tied or fastened.

    ‘the top few buttons of his shirt were undone’
    • ‘The shirt was that little bit too pink, there was one button too many left carefully-casually undone and the tan was a shade and a half too dark.’
    • ‘This can be done with a cute cardigan or blazer with undone buttons; this look will also lengthen your shape.’
    • ‘Even from where I stood, I could see a few undone buttons.’
    • ‘He is energy itself dressed in increasingly undone whites.’
    • ‘With no shoulders, the top is held in place by a black neck strap shaped exactly like an undone bow tie.’
    • ‘There are dark black fishnets underneath the white dress shirt, his tie's undone and the school blazer's lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.’
    • ‘Running a hand through her hair, the girl finished off the last undone button on her dress and opened the door, meekly letting Amelia in.’
    • ‘The top two buttons are undone and sleek pants and black shoes complete his ensemble.’
    • ‘Jennifer sat on her bed, pulling the zippers up and down, as if the answer would pop out of the undone zipper.’
    • ‘Her undone dark hair falls across brown eyes that are direct and intelligent.’
    • ‘In Athol and in Kensington, I see some houses that have been empty so long their curtains have given up holding on, have come undone thread by thread.’
    • ‘The Walrus interrupted me at every possible opportunity, didn't listen to anything I said, sponged a coffee from me and sat there with his vast belly showing through an undone button in his shirt.’
    • ‘Qiara began to chew thoughtfully and play with the undone laces of her Converse All-Stars.’
    • ‘Alex took the stairs two at a time, careful not to split her red and black uniformed skirt, a few buttons at her collared white shirt undone due to the heat.’
    • ‘For the latter, there are numerous shots of Barrymore and Diaz with plunging necklines and undone buttons.’
    • ‘The sound of his heels on the wooden planks was a sturdy percussion, mixed in perfect time to the heavy rubbing of his sheath, and the jangle of the undone belts of his coat.’
    • ‘My raven black hair was held back in a messy high ponytail that was nearly coming undone due to the ungodly humidity of that state.’
    • ‘He is trying to compete with David's undone buttons.’
    • ‘Now Rod Stewart has gone subtle and chosen an undone tie to mark his move into Sinatra territory.’
  • 2Not done or finished.

    ‘he had left his homework undone’
    • ‘But when the filter is in the attic or somewhere else that is fairly inaccessible, this becomes an odious chore that is often left undone.’
    • ‘The demand for productivity has grown so significantly that no one feels they are doing enough; everyone looks at the undone workload and feels inadequate.’
    • ‘Alio almost hit him for that, but he restrained himself, even if he could explain it off as just a serge of anger for an undone job.’
    • ‘Out here, an undone chore is like a slow leak in a life raft - it threatens the stability of everything.’
    • ‘His black backpack was still slumped by his desk and the undone homework atop was weeks late.’
    • ‘Nadia put Jo's things on her undone bed.’
    • ‘She reached up and gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and a hug before leaving for her room for undone homework.’
    • ‘The guys' pad has food scraps as decoration and stacks of undone dishes.’
    • ‘We had great warm evenings for sitting out late and it was really relaxing without any means of doing those undone tasks at home.’
    • ‘It was filled with undone homework and re-runs of Boy Meets World.’
    • ‘Teachers who don't pull their weight in the system dump their undone work onto teachers who are competent, making it almost impossible for those teachers to be optimally effective.’
    unfinished, incomplete, half-done
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  • 3humorous, formal (of a person) ruined by a disastrous or devastating setback or reverse.

    ‘I am undone!’
    • ‘And that makes me want to run around screaming and drooling on myself simultaneously to add to my disheveled, undone self.’
    • ‘He felt completely undone knowing that they disapproved of him.’
    defeated, beaten, foiled, frustrated, thwarted
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