Definition of undistributed in English:



  • Not distributed.

    ‘the undistributed trust income’
    • ‘Smith called it the best undistributed film of 2002.’
    • ‘In 1936 Coyle saw another cherished cause become law, when Congress imposed a tax on undistributed corporate profits.’
    • ‘So I made a separate list for undistributed films.’
    • ‘Once or twice a year the names of those who may be owed undistributed funds are recorded in local legal newspapers, or posted on the state web site under unclaimed property.’
    • ‘The fund includes an 87 per cent exposure to European equities with a growth achieved by way of a modest annual bonus and the possibility of a final bonus through previously undistributed profits.’
    • ‘The same rate would apply to undistributed incomes also.’
    • ‘The basic idea is that you join the club and you get your monthly otherwise undistributed quality DVD.’
    • ‘This film, even undistributed, could well re-start Adams' acting career.’
    • ‘For tax purposes, the value of undistributed profit would be added to the price you paid for the stock and leave you with a smaller taxable gain when you sell.’
    • ‘Unlike Ireland, undistributed rental income of a UK company is not subject to a surcharge.’
    • ‘In its latest accounts, the company had undistributed profits of almost €30,000 for the year ending March 2003.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the undistributed income must be allocated to each partner and reported and tax paid thereon in accordance with each person's particular tax bracket.’
    • ‘The company acknowledges that it has locked $476 million accumulated profits abroad as undistributed earnings to escape tax in various jurisdictions.’
    • ‘The company structure was set up to delay payment of surcharge on undistributed dividends.’
    • ‘Part of the profits will be allocated to reserves, while another part will remain as undistributed profit.’
    • ‘The last time the agency did an audit of these funds was in 1997, when the department looked at 11 states and found most were underreporting the amounts that were undistributed.’
    • ‘It was self-published and, essentially undistributed, except for the free copies to press people.’
    • ‘As of yet, the film remains undistributed in the United States, and that's unfortunate.’
    • ‘The volume of inward investment was drying up and money would have been switched to home-grown firms or else left undistributed.’
    • ‘Businesses save in the form of undistributed profits, which go into bank accounts or get invested in securities.’