Definition of undisguised in English:



  • (of a feeling) not disguised or concealed; open:

    ‘she looked at him with undisguised contempt’
    • ‘His undisguised contempt for the press and his refusal to answer journalists' questions provoked grumbling within the White House press corps.’
    • ‘He looks back on his days on the sidelines and there is undisguised anguish as he talks about missed opportunities with his country and the frustration of seeing others make his place their own.’
    • ‘He also spoke with undisguised passion about doing good works - displaying all of the principled enthusiasm for setting the world to rights that we should hope to instil in all of our young people.’
    • ‘The Defence Secretary rattled through his performance with undisguised contempt for the military tradition he was liquidating.’
    • ‘Her eyes darted to him quickly, her gaze showing her undisguised disbelief.’
    • ‘Emily's dark eyes are huge in the faded lamplight, and her gaze is one of undisguised longing, something I never, ever thought I would see directed at me.’
    • ‘Her standing as an objective reporter of events in Belgium is destroyed in the light of an undisguised hatred of the enemy, evident from her own account.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, there was undisguised relief in both London and Washington that the military campaign had achieved a decisive breakthrough after five weeks of aerial bombardment.’
    • ‘‘Never do that again,’ Reginald begged, eyeing Jake with undisguised disdain and disgust.’
    • ‘English friends would look on in mild amusement at our antics and in undisguised horror at the prospect of eating lamb's stomach and oatmeal.’
    • ‘He, therefore, was not surprised that although his daughter respected him, there was none of the undisguised affection in her eyes that there had been twenty years ago.’
    • ‘Now, she stared at Rome with undisguised amazement.’
    • ‘Shaking himself clear of such offending thoughts he barely heard her undisguised disgust.’
    • ‘Ray is instantly smitten with the pretty and squeaky-clean Wendy, pursuing her with an undisguised lust, oblivious to the feelings of her boring husband.’
    • ‘He was not really listening to her, but rather looking at William with undisguised interest.’
    • ‘Washington reacted to the agreement with undisguised contempt.’
    • ‘With undisguised resentment, they left him to it.’
    • ‘Journalists write with undisguised glee about day-to-day clumsiness within the company.’
    • ‘Anna could only gaze at him ‘with terror at the undisguised hatred in his whole face.’’
    • ‘He was watching the conversation with undisguised interest.’
    obvious, evident, patent, manifest, transparent, open, overt, unconcealed, unhidden, unrestrained, unmistakable, undeniable, plain, plain to see, as plain as a pikestaff, straightforward, frank, clear, clear-cut, as clear as day, explicit, naked, palpable, visible, recognizable, observable, writ large
    blatant, barefaced, flagrant, glaring, bold, bald, stark, pointed, out-and-out, brazen, shameless, audacious
    as plain as the nose on one's face, standing out like a sore thumb, sticking out like a sore thumb, standing out a mile, sticking out a mile, right under one's nose
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