Definition of undischarged in English:



  • Not discharged.

    ‘an undischarged bankrupt’
    ‘an undischarged gun’
    • ‘This deactivates any remaining undischarged cells.’
    • ‘In reality, although the three companies were made out to be separate entities, they were simply one business under the common control of an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘Thus, he was an undischarged bankrupt when the writs were issued and when he obtained the default judgments.’
    • ‘In evidence, he described his family and circumstances and admitted to being an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘At the end of the third year, I was an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘However, after initial success the under-capitalized business failed and Henry, as an undischarged bankrupt, could no longer own a business.’
    • ‘Watmuff launched on a final business venture despite being banned from being a company director as an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘We do offer business current accounts, without borrowing to all customers (apart from undischarged bankrupts and where there is evidence of deliberate fraud) irrespective of their credit standing.’
    • ‘Lagan is an undischarged bankrupt in Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘Watt was assigned into bankruptcy in 1998; he has not been discharged yet and therefore remains an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘Cecil and Charlotte now live together in Halifax, but the undischarged resentment and sorrow of a recent tragedy have isolated them from one another.’
    • ‘It is a fact that Mr Winter knew that Mr Bulfin was an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘The younger the child, the fewer resources she has to protect herself, resulting in a greater amount of undischarged energy.’
    • ‘An undischarged bankrupt who set up another company that later went bust with debts of almost £250,000 has walked free from court.’
    • ‘The taxmen seem to have said that significant benefits will accrue to bank customers who declare undischarged tax liabilities before an investigation begins.’
    • ‘However, he applied for bankruptcy in 1993 and remains, at this time, an undischarged bankrupt.’
    • ‘We were told ‘many of us are carrying around between five and twenty pounds of mucus and undischarged debris in our colons’.’
    • ‘For example, someone who has been a discharged or undischarged bankrupt cannot be an intermediary, etc.’
    • ‘Also ineligible are undischarged bankrupts, lunatics, and anyone who has been sentenced to more than three months' imprisonment over the previous five years, or convicted of illegal electoral practices.’
    • ‘Beset by financial troubles (including a spell in prison for borrowing money while an undischarged bankrupt), he remained an incorrigible optimist.’
    unsettled, outstanding, unresolved, unattended to, due, overdue, owing, owed, receivable, to be paid, payable, in arrears, in the red
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