Definition of undiscerning in English:



  • Lacking judgement, insight, or taste.

    ‘an undiscerning audience’
    • ‘While the ‘photo-realism’ of the $100-million film makes it a definite eye-popper, undiscerning eyes might not catch the Darwinian subtleties of the film.’
    • ‘These tough mavericks provided a wonderful public service that has evolved to undiscerning disservice.’
    • ‘I believe guitar and bodhrán players who operate in traditional circles are people of low esteem and undiscerning musical tastes.’
    • ‘Even today white metal is often confused with platinum, but only to the undiscerning eye.’
    • ‘But children are also very, very stupid and undiscerning as far as films go.’
    • ‘To the undiscerning eye, this place might seem to have a serenely majestic air, but Harun can feel the underlying tension with every step.’
    • ‘The bill was bad enough, but the food was very average even to the undiscerning palate.’
    • ‘I do, however, take very great exception at being described as a person of ‘low esteem and undiscerning musical tastes’, purely on the basis of the instruments that I play.’
    • ‘Until the 1970s the wines were mainly sold in bulk to be drunk by undiscerning palates in bars all over Spain.’
    • ‘They have proved not to be the undiscerning and voracious predator of the movies but intelligent and selective.’
    • ‘What they indicate is that sharks are not the undiscerning predators of the popular media.’
    • ‘All these criticisms may be true, but if the new poetry's audience is truly so lazy, uninformed, and undiscerning, why isn't it just staying at home watching cable?’
    • ‘Yes, a few undiscerning children under 12 might like this movie, as will adults with a similar level of sophistication, but all others are well advised to stay clear of this loser.’
    • ‘Do we think ourself to be so unaware and undiscerning that we let creative destruction just happen to us?’
    • ‘To even the most undiscerning eye, this makes no sense whatsoever.’
    • ‘Similarly, whatever is said on radio is taken as gospel by undiscerning listeners who, from all accounts, comprise the clear majority.’
    • ‘These astute restaurateurs have tailored their products to an undiscerning constituency that sees ‘curry’ as something you go for after too many pints.’
    • ‘To the undiscerning eye, absolutely nothing remains.’
    • ‘They package questionable quality seeds in well known packaging materials which may not make any difference to the undiscerning eye.’
    • ‘But these pretty guys are much more cosmopolitan than just being Aussies, and they don't just speak with Australian accents, however it may sound to the undiscerning ear.’
    insensitive, inconsiderate, thoughtless, unthinking, indelicate, undiplomatic, impolitic, indiscreet, unsubtle, clumsy, heavy-handed, graceless, awkward, unpolished, inept, bungling, maladroit, gauche, unsophisticated
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