Definition of undeveloped in English:



  • 1Not having been developed.

    ‘undeveloped coal reserves’
    • ‘During the summer we explored the surrounding brushy lots of our largely undeveloped neighborhood.’
    • ‘The fact is that these lands are largely undeveloped and possess great non-commercial value.’
    • ‘This means building new homes for York's growing population - ideally on land which has been used before but also on previously undeveloped land.’
    • ‘The island is undeveloped and there are none of the classic Caribbean white sand beaches to which 21st century travellers flock.’
    • ‘The coast is relatively undeveloped at the moment but is likely to grow significantly in the next few years.’
    • ‘Westmoreland County's undeveloped forestlands also contributed to some flood prevention.’
    • ‘These undeveloped areas offer smooth and empty roads for cyclists.’
    • ‘The area beyond the patio, down to the riverbank is also undeveloped and has further potential.’
    • ‘The central part of the old airfield remains undeveloped, home to six football pitches, a nature reserve and a model aircraft flying zone.’
    • ‘Industrial estates or undeveloped land are likely to be the most suitable sites.’
    • ‘Globalization increases the demand for natural resources in remote and undeveloped regions.’
    • ‘If this open space were ever lost, the only undeveloped land left in the vicinity would be the private and enclosed playing fields belonging to the school.’
    • ‘There are substantial undeveloped reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas.’
    • ‘The vote said that every nation, large and small, developed and undeveloped, had to accept some responsibility.’
    • ‘It also looks as if one of the last two undeveloped lots across the street from the ditch will become a construction site within days.’
    • ‘They claim that countries in the Third World are not poor because they are inherently backward or undeveloped.’
    • ‘Ten years later it was proposed to transform the undeveloped centre into a coal power plant.’
    • ‘He said that the use of the lake by larger, slower boats was appropriate but that there were more suitable places for such facilities than this largely undeveloped area of the lake.’
    • ‘But following new Government planning guidelines, the undeveloped land looks set to be placed back into the protective green belt.’
    • ‘I'm in a highly urban area near no forests, no undeveloped areas.’
    dormant, quiescent, inactive, untapped, unused
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    1. 1.1 Not having developed.
      ‘undeveloped buds and shoots’
      • ‘The participants then shoot their films and hand back the unedited, undeveloped stock, along with a co-ordinated CD soundtrack.’
      • ‘Characters are left half-developed or undeveloped so that as much plot as possible can be crammed into two hours.’
      • ‘Most biotech companies are small and have undeveloped or fledgling product lines.’
      • ‘The science of planetary ecology is still young and undeveloped.’
      rudimentary, unformed, immature, incomplete, incipient, inchoate, just beginning
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