Definition of undeterred in English:



  • Persevering with something despite setbacks.

    ‘he was undeterred by these disasters’
    • ‘He was undeterred by such considerations, which should tell us something.’
    • ‘‘The guys said they would go, but at another date,’ says Todd, who is undeterred by the set-back.’
    • ‘But people involved are undeterred and bent on taking it forward.’
    • ‘He was undeterred by the rain and fog, however.’
    • ‘There are very few answers to questions like that but if these people have one thing on their side its their undeterred hope and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Despite his first shot only travelling a dismal 30 yards, the golfer was undeterred and played nearly a third of his rounds in the rain.’
    • ‘Speed camera bosses are undeterred by vandals who defaced signs warning drivers that mobile speed cameras operate in the area.’
    • ‘And though it seems the project will go forward, the architect is undeterred.’
    • ‘On the way out I noticed penguins gathered by the visitors' centre fence, undeterred by humans, watching, motionless.’
    • ‘Still all three were undeterred by the weather or indeed by the 26 miles and each showed immense grit to finish the three-lap course.’
    • ‘Temperatures yesterday hit a high of 86F, and people in the city were undeterred by the minor threat of rain.’
    • ‘The students were undeterred by the miserable wet day.’
    • ‘Years of rental had taken its toll, but, undeterred, the family slowly started to reinstate the house's original integrity.’
    • ‘However, undeterred, they carried on with their good work.’
    • ‘Shoplifters are taunting them with these minor thefts, undeterred by CCTV cameras.’
    • ‘He said he was undeterred by the lobbying and would continue to run, representing the interests of the community.’
    • ‘This year, several families have made the trip, undeterred by the weather or the sodden campsite where they are staying.’
    • ‘The students seemed undeterred by the 3 km distance they covered as the mercury touched an all-time high in the town today.’
    • ‘His passion for bikes remains totally undeterred despite the accident.’
    • ‘Slightly thrown off course but undeterred, I ploughed bravely on.’
    despite, notwithstanding, regardless of, for all
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