Definition of undetermined in English:



  • 1Not authoritatively decided or settled.

    ‘the acquisition will result in an as yet undetermined number of lay-offs’
    • ‘The cutbacks will result in an undetermined number of lay-offs.’
    • ‘‘It is as yet undetermined as to whether or not the oil spill will reach the coast,’ said the county secretary.’
    • ‘An undetermined prize is forthcoming - my husband's valentine.’
    • ‘The apartment is mine for an undetermined amount of time.’
    • ‘All other members must stick to the old rule of asking questions about undetermined legislation.’
    • ‘After an extensive discussion with the private investigator, I have decided to grant him control of the site for an undetermined period of time.’
    • ‘Police blamed seven murders on gang clashes, six on domestic violence, four on robbery and two on mob vendettas, while the motives behind the other 28 were undetermined.’
    • ‘Eight to 10 other members (who are no longer with the association) are also owed an as-yet undetermined amount of money.’
    • ‘For such a stand would imply that some charges would remain undetermined, thus leaving open the question of whether the defendant was guilty or innocent on those charges.’
    • ‘In keeping with the film's unsentimental tone, we immediately flash forward to an undetermined later date, after the grieving process has presumably run its course.’
    • ‘To the extent that my actions are undetermined - that I could have turned right just as easily as left - they are not bound to any of my own past mental states.’
    • ‘Eventually it was Maria who decided she needed a separation of undetermined length to be able to define more clearly how she wanted to live.’
    • ‘But they're saying that the goal is not to keep these people - these refugees - in this area for an undetermined amount of time.’
    • ‘Carp and tench of course are catchable all year round but without doubt they do lie up for some undetermined period during the winter, usually from mid-December to mid-February.’
    • ‘I've been practicing getting up extra early lately, in hopeful preparation for starting some unnamed, undetermined job sometime soon.’
    • ‘Among additional announcements made last Tuesday, the government will make a further - as yet undetermined - payment on the child's seventh birthday.’
    • ‘A fire department spokesman says, ‘The cause is undetermined, but it doesn't look accidental.’’
    • ‘There will also be prizes, some as yet undetermined - but count on an opportunity to get your hands on signed books or evenings in some of the finer restaurants around town.’
    • ‘There's that moment that comes in every doomed relationship when you know with stabbing certainty that it will, at some undetermined point in the future, end painfully.’
    • ‘Better, the thinking went (although not spelled out), to privatize the whole system, and let an as-yet undetermined company deal with the repairs.’
    arguable, disputable, questionable, open to question, open to debate, subject to debate, controversial, contentious, doubtful, open to doubt, in doubt, dubious, uncertain, unsure, unclear, vague, borderline, inconclusive, moot, unsettled, unresolved, unconfirmed, undecided, unknown, up in the air, not yet established
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    1. 1.1 Not known.
      ‘the bus was travelling with an undetermined number of passengers when it crashed’
      • ‘She lashed out at the children, aged 10 and 7, after their parents died of an undetermined illness, possibly AIDS, according to the Tribune.’
      • ‘It is well known that such undetermined deaths of young people beg disturbing questions.’
      • ‘She finally admitted that she had been experiencing mysterious health problems, though the cause was still undetermined.’
      • ‘They made off with an undetermined amount, then hijacked the bus outside.’
      • ‘In seconds, the robbers had an undetermined amount of cash and left the building through the front door.’
      • ‘A digital camera worth $500 and an undetermined amount of money was stolen from the safe.’