Definition of undescribable in English:



  • Too unusual, extreme, or indefinite to be adequately described; indescribable.

    ‘the very horrible, virtually undescribable quality of the urban poor’
    • ‘I loathe that movie with an undescribable passion.’
    • ‘I think God is a very personal, undescribable thing.’
    • ‘It's a show whose plot is almost undescribable, but it had a high gag count and included physical, visual and pun-related humour a holy trinity indeed!’
    • ‘They must invent new terms that are themselves unsatisfactory, since no language can have words for what is fundamentally ineffable, undescribable, and beyond possible comparison with objects or phenomena of the empirical realm.’
    • ‘There is a freedom, thrill and ecstasy associated with being employed which is undescribable.’
    • ‘The sadness and overwhelming glee of returning home climaxed in a series of events that were truly undescribable.’
    • ‘The pain was incredible, and totally undescribable.’
    • ‘Last week, a big lump in my mouth went pop and the pain was undescribable.’
    • ‘His miraculous paintings have an undescribable moonlit quality that evokes both day and night, or a dream or memory.’
    intangible, insubstantial, incorporeal, unable to be touched, imperceptible to the touch
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