Definition of underthings in English:


plural noun

  • Underclothes.

    • ‘Juliet's mother is very distraught at her daughter's preference for sports rather than lacy underthings.’
    • ‘Valerie put the scarves aside and concentrated on searching through her underthings.’
    • ‘A couple of times he'd been able to see her through a gap in the curtains; once in her underthings.’
    • ‘Once she was down to her very pretty lace underthings she forced herself to look at him.’
    • ‘John and Deborah are rarely together, and when they are, they're sparking each other's imagination, not ripping each other's underthings.’
    • ‘‘You could at least turn your back,’ her cheeks were faintly red as the dress dropped to the floor, her white corset and underthings binding the shapely body beneath.’
    • ‘He walks on screen and ladies melt directly into their underthings.’
    • ‘Grace stood in front of a full-length mirror, clad only in her underthings, studying her figure with a most scrutinizing eye.’
    • ‘It's really just an excuse to watch a woman undress, of course, but although lots of bizarre underthings get removed, she's still quite covered up by the end.’
    • ‘Totally unaware of the amusement her underthings were causing, Beth scrambled around her little apartment getting changed.’
    women's underwear, underclothes, underclothing, undergarments, nightwear, nightclothes
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