Definition of undertenant in English:



  • A subtenant.

    • ‘The subtenant may also grant a further lease of the same premises (an underlease) to an undertenant, as long as the underlease is for a shorter period than the sublease.’
    • ‘A landlord will require control over the identity of the tenant and any undertenant so as to be sure that the tenant or undertenant is of good standing and able to pay the rent and perform the other tenant obligations in the lease.’
    • ‘The tenants-in-chief, and their undertenants, were always battling for their holdings.’
    • ‘They are concerned about the loss made by the proposed undertenant and the low value of the net worth of the proposed undertenant and the proposed guarantor.’
    • ‘It also ordered both the tenant and the undertenant to pay damages based on the lost premium.’
    • ‘An underlease allows the undertenant to occupy for a shorter period of time.’
    • ‘‘Tenant’ includes an occupant, a subtenant, undertenant, and his or her assignees and legal representatives.’
    • ‘The Scottish borderers played a major role both as chief landowners and as undertenants during the plantation of Ulster under James the First.’