Definition of undershrub in English:



  • another term for subshrub
    • ‘Varieties of this perennial undershrub have woody and fibrous roots, with numerous round, hard, and branched stems, usually 4 to 8 inches long.’
    • ‘He proposed a system of classification in four categories: trees, shrubs, undershrubs, herbs.’
    • ‘The authors suggested that bluebunch wheatgrass is as suitable for restoration as crested wheatgrass, and it should be seeded on the south sides of sagebrush in the transition zones between canopies undershrubs and the spaces between shrubs.’
    • ‘They are small annuals or undershrubs, with small green flowers crowding along the stems intermixed with leaves.’
    • ‘He categorized plants in to 4 groups; trees, shrubs, undershrubs and herbs.’