Definition of underpass in English:



  • A road or pedestrian tunnel passing under a road or railway.

    • ‘And local schoolchildren will be the first to cycle through a new underpass built into the road network.’
    • ‘The costs of the project are included in the ongoing multi-million-pound scheme to improve the road network and underpasses in Charlotte Place.’
    • ‘As he walked through the underpass in Cranes Farm Road he saw three men which he said he didn't think anything of and continued walking towards them.’
    • ‘I would like to see a dual carriageway, possibly with a roundabout and an underpass for pedestrians.’
    • ‘The underpass and grade-level roads at the Jayadeva junction are expected to be completed by end of this month.’
    • ‘The new road has 29 structures, including 17 overbridges, five underbridges and an underpass.’
    • ‘On the other side is a new link road taking motorists to a new underpass under the dual carriageway.’
    • ‘Public rights of way across the railway line between Brockenhurst and Ashurst will be suspended, and bridges and underpasses not on public roads will be closed.’
    • ‘Speakers urged the county council to provide pedestrians with a bridge, an underpass or a pelican crossing to prevent another accident.’
    • ‘A subway is a pedestrian underpass, generally under a road.’
    • ‘The city had a fairly distinct central area defined by a few churches, government buildings and pedestrian underpasses.’
    • ‘The park would then take a route through an underpass beneath the trunk road and continue on the side of Ramsey village.’
    • ‘David showed me that there is a pedestrian underpass in the middle part of the platforms.’
    • ‘Dual carriageways, underpasses and roundabouts are everywhere, clogged by traffic and making pedestrian life a daily challenge.’
    • ‘Private and road freight transportation was encouraged in the name of the national car industries and supported by the construction of highways, viaducts, connecting roads, bridges, and underpasses.’
    • ‘Presumably in anticipation of large volumes of traffic, the government has constructed frequent, cavernous road underpasses.’
    • ‘After the underpass, the road gets wider and the traffic spreads out.’
    • ‘Work to reconstruct an underpass on the dual carriageway at Top Lane, Copmanthorpe, is expected to continue for the next six months.’
    • ‘There will be many flyovers and underpasses on the road.’
    • ‘We should design a new system of roads with flyovers or underpasses, meant only for buses or other heavy vehicles.’
    underground passage, subterranean passage
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