Definition of underpart in English:



  • 1A lower part of something.

    underside, lower side, underneath, undersurface, undercarriage, belly, underbelly
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    1. 1.1underparts The underside of an animal's body, especially when of a specified colour or pattern.
      ‘the neck and underparts are creamy white’
      • ‘They have black throats and breasts and light gray cheeks and underparts.’
      • ‘Males are mostly red with gray underparts, black wings, and two white wing-bars.’
      • ‘The bird's upper body and wings are black or dark grey, and its underparts are white.’
      • ‘Their underparts are mostly white, except for barring and striations along the rear of the birds.’
      • ‘The underparts of males and females are white, and breeding adults have buffy-orange plumage on the head and neck.’
      • ‘Many have paler underparts than upperparts and barred underwing and tail feathers, a patterning that may make them less visible to prey.’
      • ‘They are glossy black except for white markings on their face and underparts, with a tufted tail and slight mane.’
      • ‘Killdeers have brown upperparts, white underparts, and orange rumps.’
      • ‘The bright coloration is usually on the birds' underparts or is hidden when their wings are folded.’
      • ‘As well as the characteristic white ring around the eye, they usually have green plumage with white, yellow or greyish underparts.’
      • ‘Buff-gray underparts and a brown rump contrast with streaked wings with two white wing-bars.’
      • ‘Females are buff-brown with streaked backs and plain buff underparts.’
      • ‘During the breeding season, adult males are easily distinguished from brownish females and juveniles by their glossy black plumages and white wing underparts.’
      • ‘The non-breeding adult (November to March) has a cap flecked with white and gray, and underparts (except the wing) barred with brown and white.’
      • ‘Steller's Jay has rich blue underparts that shade upwards from midnight to pure black, terminating with a jaunty crest.’
      • ‘Yellow-billed Cuckoos are slender, long-tailed birds with white underparts and dark upperparts.’
      • ‘The Western Scrub-Jay has blue upperparts, a grayish-brown back, and light underparts.’
      • ‘Crowned pigeons (subfamily Gourinae) are grey with pink or chestnut underparts and a white wing patch.’
      • ‘Adults have brown upperparts and buff-white underparts with a brownish breast band of short streaks.’
      • ‘It flew like an accipiter, and as it went over I saw its gray head and reddish underparts.’