Definition of undernourished in English:



  • Having insufficient food or other substances for good health and condition.

    ‘undernourished children’
    • ‘She was undernourished and she had never seen by a health visitor or a doctor.’
    • ‘They hadn't eaten properly and were undernourished.’
    • ‘Chronically undernourished children are far more likely to succumb to disease compared to those children who are of adequate nutrition.’
    • ‘She certainly didn't appear undernourished but, yes, I did feel immensely sorry for her.’
    • ‘One in eight patients admitted to the region's hospitals is undernourished and their condition is ignored by doctors and nurses, according to new research.’
    • ‘The report says one quarter of the region's population are undernourished.’
    • ‘Some people, he says, are eating too much meat, oil and fat, and parents and grandparents are feeding their children excessively to make up for being undernourished themselves.’
    • ‘She has been a prisoner for years on end, unloved and constantly undernourished in the midst of appalling squalor.’
    • ‘I hadn't eaten for three days, and was heavily undernourished.’
    • ‘All the prisoners are overworked and undernourished.’
    • ‘Thin, small built and looking undernourished, ‘PK’ was ahead of me in Maths but I outscored him in other subjects.’
    • ‘The child grew to become a vibrant but undernourished teenager, who was very popular in his neighbourhood.’
    • ‘As well as being emotionally undernourished, the children also did not have adequate facilities.’
    • ‘Although no one ever starved here, many were undernourished.’
    • ‘The students are all undernourished and underweight.’
    • ‘Her mother Anna was undernourished and food was scarce in Czechoslovakia.’
    • ‘You may have to take nutrients or eat foods containing certain vitamins so that you do not become undernourished or underweight.’
    • ‘He said that low birth weight babies delivered by undernourished mothers are also at a risk of becoming obese later on.’
    • ‘This appeared in the national press, which reported that millions of households were undernourished because they did not have the opportunity to make healthy food choices.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, a soldier must eat a reasonably balanced diet in order to avoid fatigue, and the diseases which can run rampant through the camps of undernourished troops.’
    slim, lean, slender, rangy, willowy, svelte, sylphlike, spare, slight
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