Definition of undermeaning in English:



  • A subtext or underlying message.

    ‘we must continue to see an undermeaning in all this’
    • ‘The majority of tattoos have an undermeaning.’
    • ‘I wonder what the undermeaning of his words is.’
    • ‘By the fifth century the hunt for the undermeaning is common.’
    • ‘The song has simple lyrics with a broad and complex undermeaning.’
    • ‘This verse suggests that an undermeaning should be sought, not only to the particular occasion recounted but also to the whole narrative.’
    overtone, undertone, undercurrent, implication, hidden meaning, secondary meaning, nuance, flavour, feeling, aura, atmosphere, colouring, smack, hint, vein, echo, vibrations, association, intimation, suggestion, suspicion, insinuation
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