Definition of underling in English:



  • A person lower in status or rank.

    ‘she was shouting orders at underlings between gulps of coffee’
    • ‘Phillip ordered his underlings, repeating the orders from his superiors.’
    • ‘He lowered the papers and looked across at his two underlings.’
    • ‘He is a mere underling, and underlings should not interfere with her plans.’
    • ‘So I've got twice the number of underlings to ruthlessly torment now.’
    • ‘He was berating one of his underlings for all the world to hear.’
    subordinate, inferior, deputy, junior, assistant, adjutant, aide, minion, lackey, flunkey, menial, retainer, vassal, subject, serf, hireling, servant, henchman, myrmidon, right-hand man, right-hand woman, girl friday, man friday, factotum, stooge
    follower, camp follower, hanger-on, disciple
    sidekick, dogsbody, skivvy, bitch
    gofer, peon
    scullion, servitor
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