Definition of underfed in English:



  • Insufficiently fed or nourished.

    ‘a horse that is underfed is likely to be dull and lethargic’
    • ‘Dietary intake is linked to risks for developing a variety of chronic diseases that are disabling and life threatening - not only for the underfed, but also for the overweight.’
    • ‘My muscles feel like they have been overworked and underfed.’
    • ‘Whilst not as stark as rumours suggest it is in the countryside, children in the capital do look quite thin and underfed.’
    • ‘The food was sparse and the children were underfed.’
    • ‘There are many more underfed people in the region, but at least this could have filled the stomachs of the most needy and marginalised people.’
    • ‘On May 12 th he had yet another ailment, probably from being run down and underfed, and missed his class at college due to a sore throat.’
    • ‘She had long, brown tatty hair and wore clothes that were nothing more than rags that hung loosely off her fragile, underfed body.’
    • ‘He saw how people seemed thinner and underfed, almost sickly.’
    • ‘But work is sought by many and not easily found by a frail-looking, pale and even slightly underfed, poor girl of thirteen.’
    • ‘Elentia glanced down at her own underfed waist.’
    • ‘This could be due to the fact that the countries still have large poverty pockets where populations are underfed.’
    • ‘The young people of this neighbourhood are underfed, uneducated and looking for a way out.’
    • ‘It would be a great shame and a waste of time and money if the flowers were left dry and underfed, therefore any help with maintaining them would be truly appreciated.’
    • ‘A vet believed he had been underfed for at least six months.’
    • ‘There should be plenty of thunder left in the powerful arms and lower body he has developed since arriving in America as an underfed teenager with bright eyes and a voracious appetite for success.’
    • ‘They were underfed, underclothed, and low on ammunition.’
    • ‘Some of the dogs are poorly fed or underfed, perhaps because after spending a lot of money to buy them, their owners do not want to spend any more to get them proper food.’
    • ‘The army was poorly clothed, badly equipped, short on supplies, lacked proper transportation, and was underfed.’
    • ‘His face was round, not fat, but definitely not underfed.’
    • ‘I wondered how his thin, underfed body coped with that kind of work in the hot sun everyday.’
    slim, lean, slender, rangy, willowy, svelte, sylphlike, spare, slight
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