Definition of undercoat in English:



  • 1A layer of paint applied after the primer and before the topcoat.

    ‘the woodwork was primed and had two undercoats’
    mass noun ‘these new paints require no undercoat and are quick to dry’
    • ‘Before the glaze coat begins to dry, use the sponge to remove some of the glaze to expose the undercoat.’
    • ‘He then turned to large-scale community murals, designing and drawing the outlines and letting local people paint the two undercoats, three coats of gloss paint and finally varnishing.’
    • ‘The way Skinner describes his creative process, he sounds like a conscientious painter and decorator sanding a wooden surface to roughen it up a bit before applying an undercoat.’
    • ‘And soft, sloughing paints are a poor undercoat for anything other than a fresh coat of the same.’
    • ‘If I paint, is there a special undercoat and paint that I should use?’
    • ‘Apply a flat oil-based enamel undercoat to the wall and allow it to dry for 24 hours.’
    • ‘Use a special primer as an undercoat so that the paint will adhere better.’
    • ‘He said the undercoat was intentionally a bright colour so that the painters could spot any areas they missed with the grey paint, which would be applied within a matter of days.’
    • ‘Sometimes his pigment catches the canvas threads dryly, leaving the dips of the rough weave coloured only by the undercoat.’
    • ‘The lift was inoperable, the walls had been left with barely an undercoat on them and there was bare screed on the floors.’
    • ‘Using an undercoat by spattering acrylics, I finish off the surface of the sculpture with oil paints with the aid of an airbrush.’
    • ‘An undercoat is preferred so there are no thin or bare spots visible.’
    • ‘First, they painted the stucco with a primer undercoat, then applied medium blue latex house paint.’
    • ‘The vat had been full of solvent-based rubberised paint used as an undercoat on vans made at the factory.’
    • ‘Use matt white emulsion paint as an undercoat for the tip.’
    • ‘They also make paints for wood or concrete floors and masonry as well as the requisite undercoat and primer paints.’
    • ‘These penetrating sealers are often used as an undercoat with surface finishes; but be sure the two finishes are compatible before you begin.’
    • ‘A primer-sealer undercoat is necessary to seal drywall and unpainted plaster or wallboard compound.’
    • ‘Upon completion, the resulting piece is sun-baked for several days prior to painting, which commences with the application of a thick white undercoat.’
    • ‘The walls were painted only in a sickly yellow undercoat, and even that was peeling.’
  • 2An animal's underfur or down.

    • ‘The outer hairs are rough and harsh, with the undercoat being fine, soft and dense.’
    • ‘The crisp guard hairs of the Labrador's coat easily shed burrs and brambles, and the dense undercoat makes the dog practically impervious to water.’
    • ‘The standard coat of a Shih Tzu should be luxuriously long and dense with a good wooly undercoat.’
    • ‘Covering this athletic body is a flat, wavy, medium-length outercoat and a soft dense undercoat.’
    • ‘The dog weighs about sixty pounds with medium length fur and a thick undercoat and possesses an unusual physiological adaptation for work.’
    • ‘Twice a year, Siberians ‘blow’ their undercoats, that is, they shed their undercoats completely.’
    • ‘Rough-coated dogs develop thick undercoats in winter which must be combed out at the onset of summer's heat.’
    • ‘The Aussie's outercoat is moderately short and weather resistant while the undercoat, which insulates against both heat and cold, is short and dense.’
    • ‘The soft undercoat will shed out twice a year, but regular combing will keep that under control.’
    • ‘The coat consists of two layers - an undercoat of fine white hair and an outer coat composed of long guard hairs which are hollow and help to make the polar bear more buoyant when swimming.’
    • ‘The soft, silky coat of the shorthair bobtail is medium in length without a noticeable undercoat.’
    • ‘For a long hair retriever you should take off the undercoat, thin the hair but leave it long on top to achieve a sleek effect.’
    • ‘One of the dog's unique characteristics is its lack of an undercoat, which provides insulation from heat and cold.’
    • ‘Since the fur is only semi-long and lacks the downy undercoat, the coat doesn't tangle and even show cats require little grooming.’
    • ‘The Chinook has a double coat comprising long guard hairs over a soft, short undercoat.’
    • ‘Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel.’
    • ‘Because their undercoat is not so cottony or profuse as that of some other longhaired breeds, ragdolls do not require as much grooming.’
    • ‘The undercoat consists of cotton-like short hair, which forms a thick, close foundation for the outercoat.’
    • ‘The Border has a naturally hard, wiry outer coat and a dense, short undercoat.’
    • ‘Some cats have an undercoat that will tangle badly if you don't dry them after a bath.’


  • Apply an undercoat of paint to.

    ‘she was busy undercoating the bookshelves’
    • ‘I don't think undercoating is going to do much in this situation.’
    • ‘Jimmy sugar soaped the ceiling and walls in the front room and undercoated the window frame.’
    • ‘But other extras, such as undercoating or fabric protection, are unnecessary and only add to your costs.’
    • ‘The magnetic layer on its 24-inch disc was reputedly formed from the primer paint used to undercoat San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.’
    • ‘Sand the woodwork down, undercoat it, remove any grease stains and finish it in an oil based sandalwood or gloss.’
    • ‘Much thought and effort went into the mural, i.e., brushing, scraping and undercoating to the final draft.’
    • ‘A second, freshly carved frame lay on another table, undercoated with red, awaiting its next layer.’