Definition of undercharge in English:



[with object]
  • 1Charge (someone) a price or amount that is too low.

    ‘the retailer has been undercharged and actually owes the supplier more money’
    • ‘He said he didn't really know how to go about setting prices, and he thought he might be undercharging his customers, perhaps by a substantial amount.’
    • ‘He also makes sure to keep prices competitive, which means he doesn't overcharge for a service, but he doesn't undercharge either.’
    • ‘He hooks up with a grocery store cashier who undercharges poor people and steals food from the store to help her aging friend, a veteran of the Resistance.’
    • ‘But then he told me that I was undercharging, and he himself offered me more money yet.’
    • ‘Companies consistently undercharge for products despite spending millions or even billions of dollars to develop or acquire them.’
    • ‘I have gone back into a restaurant on discovering I have been undercharged, and of course the staff have been outwardly grateful, if slightly bemused.’
    • ‘Our bill came to a more than reasonable £14.95, which we queried as we thought we had been undercharged, but no, I just can't add up.’
    • ‘When I got home, I noticed that I was undercharged.’
    • ‘‘If it was the bank undercharging for eight years, I'm quite certain it would have come to light an awful lot quicker,’ she said.’
    • ‘I am not sure this does explain it, however, since many state law schools undercharge the market rate.’
    • ‘In the original, Marie, a supermarket cashier, selectively undercharges her elderly customers whom she knows cannot afford to buy all they need.’
    • ‘It's not like they are exactly undercharging you in the first place.’
    • ‘I'm not sure if it was through embarrassment or accident that she undercharged me by $5.’
    • ‘Managers of a well-known Dublin bar and bistro decided last month they were undercharging their trendy customers for sipping cappuccinos.’
    • ‘One of the primary concerns resulting from this survey is that respondents were undercharging for their services; for some fee categories, minimum fees were as low as $8.00 per hour.’
    • ‘In the midst of it, I interjected and offered to pay the sixteen bucks I'd been undercharged but someone - he may have been the guy who owned the place since he seemed to be doing the firing - said, ‘No, that's okay.’’
    • ‘Keep your rates competitive without undercharging.’
    • ‘At Donner's Bakery, Charlie makes the astonishing discovery that Ralph has been stealing from Mr. Donner by undercharging regular customers and splitting the remaining balance, keeping half and giving the other half to the customer.’
    • ‘Mr Crowe said many of the customers who were undercharged were less well-off and were already struggling to pay for their electricity using the pre-paid card system.’
    • ‘It's obviously not in their interest to undercharge me, and it's not in their interest to overcharge me, either, since the burger business is a competitive one.’
  • 2Give less than the proper charge to (an electric battery).

    • ‘If the system is overcharged or undercharged with refrigerant, it will not work properly.’


  • A charge that is insufficient.

    • ‘This process does transfer ground rent from areas of overcharge to areas of undercharge.’
    • ‘In former years it was possible to argue that if a Vat undercharge resulted in no loss of Revenue (because the customer could have reclaimed the Vat), Revenue should not pursue the matter.’
    • ‘Your letter mentions that checkers who undercharge are made to pay the undercharge and are also suspended from work.’
    • ‘‘The developer in both cases had paid the agreed contribution and as a result the undercharge is uncollectable,’ he said.’