Definition of undercart in English:



  • The undercarriage of an aircraft.

    • ‘Smoothly we left the ground, raised our undercarts, and climbed away into that overcast, threatening sky.’
    • ‘The undercarriage was replaced with a white metal set, as I'd heard bad things about heavy models on plastic undercarts, and this was just a direct replacement with no fettling required.’
    • ‘He confirmed that my wheel had gone, but that the starboard wheel and undercart appeared to be intact.’
    • ‘The trial was satisfactory and flight without undercart became operational practice.’
    • ‘The functioning undercart has now been removed, and the model is now much lighter than before.’
    • ‘Rear canopy frames from a Val was identified as well as a pair of undercarts off a rare A5M Claude fighter.’