Definition of under one's belt in English:

under one's belt


  • 1Safely or satisfactorily achieved, experienced, or acquired.

    ‘he now has almost a year as minister under his belt’
    • ‘The idea is to get some experience under your belt, make some cash and take pleasure in what you're doing.’
    • ‘If you're just starting out, McKendrick's advice is to do six months in one place then move on: ‘Keep doing that and you'll have valuable experience under your belt.’’
    • ‘We believe there will be a 400 metre portage involved so it is important to get the experience under our belt.’
    • ‘After I interviewed, they offered me the position, I am told, because I had almost 30 years of African experience under my belt and that I was the most qualified candidate.’
    • ‘I've got six years experience of this industry under my belt, so now I'm just going to go for it.’
    • ‘With that experience under his belt, he should now be able to go one better.’
    • ‘Collectively, the band members have a ton of live show experience under their belt and they know what makes for an invigorating show.’
    • ‘Heriot's have the depth of talent to mount a real challenge this year aided by the fact that their twin coaches now have one season of experience under their belt at this level.’
    • ‘With the experience of four restorations under their belt, the couple couldn't resist the temptation of renovating Trenabie Mill.’
    • ‘Staerk has 21 years experience under his belt and has worked on over 50 campaigns since 1983.’
    • ‘These days, with a bit more experience under my belt, I tend to think that knowing the problem and being sensitive to it is solution enough.’
    • ‘The preference is for employees with experience under their belt and who are fluent in English and can converse in at least another language, be it German, Italian or French.’
    • ‘By 19, I had labour organising experience under my belt.’
    • ‘Jean has a wealth of experience under her belt and understands perfectly the self-consciousness and reserve that some aspiring writers might feel.’
    • ‘A very low-paid career, to be sure, but by the time I got my ‘first’ job I had years of teaching experience and several courses under my belt.’
    • ‘After the disappointment of losing the final last year to Kildare, the girls will be heading East with that experience under their belt and will be a much more formidable team this time.’
    • ‘And, even when you've landed your dream job, there's no harm in getting a bit more work experience under your belt.’
    • ‘He had 25 years of experience under his belt and insisted he'd move as long as there was a suitable alternative.’
    • ‘My swing is really solid if not better and to go with that I've got another year's experience under my belt.’
    • ‘I expected to see a fair amount of the real world in this job, can't say I'm unhappy to have that experience under my belt.’
  • 2(of food or drink) consumed.

    ‘Gus already had a large brandy under his belt’
    • ‘It felt good to be sitting here, with the pleasant sound of rain on the roof, the drink under his belt linking him as always to his other being, relaxed, conversing with this intelligent young lady.’
    • ‘But with a few Swirlspice drinks under my belt, and the giddiness of it being the Friday of a very free weekend, I catch myself singing along, happily.’
    • ‘With a few drinks under his belt he decides to remedy his silent solitude by going to sit at the bar.’
    • ‘Metaphorically, with the traditional whiskey under his belt and a shillelagh under his arm, he sets the tone of the play and from there it never looks back.’
    • ‘With a few drinks under his belt, my dad became gregarious and charming - telling jokes and flirting.’