Definition of under-equipped in English:



  • Not having all the necessary equipment or resources.

    ‘many hospitals and clinics were understaffed and under-equipped’
    • ‘Iraq's army, grossly underequipped compared with the US military, is constantly targeted by insurgents.’
    • ‘Reservists who have been sent to Iraq recently have found themselves vastly under-equipped.’
    • ‘They're either too small and under equipped or too big.’
    • ‘In addition, African Union forces are grossly underequipped; the region's various militia are far better armed.’
    • ‘Capt. Julius Boyd is a supply officer for an impatient and under-equipped army.’
    • ‘His dad joined the growing anger at the Government for only sending 3,300 under-equipped troops to cover a massive area.’
    • ‘They were many miles from the nearest, grossly under-equipped health clinic.’
    • ‘During operations, the brigade Intelligence section was severely understaffed and under-equipped to handle the volume of information coming in during actual combat operations.’
    • ‘Under equipped hospitals according to U. N. officials overwhelmed with injured.’
    • ‘Your employees in Iqaluit are hard-working but underequipped, while your customers are frustrated with delays at the mailing source.’
    • ‘But, as has chronically been the case, they are technically underequipped.’
    • ‘With doctors and nurses too scared to report to hospitals in Swat, injured civilians are flooding under equipped hospitals outside the region.’
    • ‘Increasingly overwhelmed by their grisly discoveries, police officials said today that international help for the underequipped Ugandan police force would be welcome.’
    • ‘A chronically harassed, understaffed, underequipped system reaches reflexively for routine diagnoses, prescriptions.’
    • ‘In 3 months, the ISF transitioned from an underequipped, nascent organization to a better equipped, more disciplined force.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the dominance of air forces in procurement battles has left Britain's land army woefully under-equipped.’
    • ‘Her His reporting on the needs of the sick and the dying in the woefully under-equipped Baghdad hospitals are heartbreaking.’
    • ‘But Sudan has so far resisted a large UN deployment in Darfur, where an undermanned, under-equipped African Union peacekeeping force is struggling.’
    • ‘Within ten days, the under-equipped Allied troops were pushed off the island.’
    • ‘Under educated, under manned and woefully under equipped the local force is simply not up to the task.’