Definition of undependable in English:



  • Not trustworthy and reliable.

    ‘evidence is scarce and often undependable’
    • ‘The other is a chronic underachiever, undependable, disreputable, a thoroughly wild child.’
    • ‘Somehow she'd heard through the undependable (as always!) grapevine that he wanted to date her, which was a crazy idea, considering how he'd never felt like dating her in all the many years in high school he'd known her.’
    • ‘Language is a means of distilling and ‘reflecting’ reality - yet language is slippery, undependable.’
    • ‘It is just that such lore is so undependable that it is not in the forefront of their minds.’
    • ‘Put more baldly, he was recognisably mixed-up; and although that made him maddeningly undependable as a politician, it humanised him as a man.’
    • ‘According to Erikson, children who fail to develop a basic sense of trust will view the world as hostile and people as undependable in later life.’
    • ‘A gymnast must be both skillful and careful and never gamble, never rely on providence or luck - in short on anything that is undependable or fortuitous.’
    • ‘Any member that is irresponsible dissolves the team trust because undependable people force others to interfere, complain and become uncooperative.’
    • ‘All this made the business sector an undependable contributor to economic growth.’
    • ‘Sympathetic but far from uncritical, Simon described Douglas as a ‘shy’ and ‘intensely private man’ whose accounts of his own life were thoroughly undependable.’
    • ‘Though this would seem to be an all-purpose, comprehensive technical solution, it was expensive and frequently undependable, and never made it into the mainstream.’
    • ‘She asked, quickly averting the subject from James' opinion of his undependable mother and late father.’
    • ‘She married a man who was erratic, undependable and bad at paying bills.’
    • ‘Attendance is a direct reflection of dependability and employers do not promote or retain undependable employees.’
    • ‘In the past the productions of necessities were very low, inefficient and undependable.’
    • ‘I would not appreciate having to depend on what are often undependable bus services.’
    • ‘‘It's these undependable computers again,’ said another student.’
    • ‘All too often the information they provide, and the supposed eyewitnesses they interview, are undependable.’
    • ‘The biggest is simply whether Pru can deliver profits that don't depend, as they have so heavily in recent years, on such undependable sources as growth in its own pension-fund assets.’
    • ‘Journalists tend to stockpile information, and it leaks out through our attempts at communication like air around an undependable vacuum seal.’
    unpredictable, changeable, variable, inconstant, inconsistent, uncertain, erratic, irregular, unstable, turbulent, unsteady, unsettled, unreliable, changing, ever-changing, varying, shifting, fluctuating, fluid, mutable, protean, fitful, wavering, full of ups and downs
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