Definition of undented in English:



  • (of a surface) not marked with a dent.

    ‘this is an area of consumer spending undented by the high interest rate strategy’
    • ‘Hedman's mind has been more robust than his body, his self-confidence undented by his high-profile mistakes.’
    • ‘A big new, incredibly clean, shiny and undented land rover.’
    • ‘Target steel should be of a quality and thickness that will remain flat and undented by bullet strikes with recommended loads.’
    • ‘Four years on, Steve's enthusiasm and dedication to his cause remains undented and the charity is currently raising funds to build a dedicated hospice for children with HIV.’
    • ‘He resigned in 1983 despite his undented domestic popularity.’
    • ‘However Wright insists confidence remains undented and no prolonged re-grouping is required.’
    • ‘That it remains undented after the company's own sequence of Shakespearean tragedy is a triumph.’
    • ‘Despite this acrimony, however, the American officers' admiration for Continental forestry was undented.’
    • ‘But while this resulted in a clear advantage over Pembroke, it made no impression on Magdalen, who rowed over with their initial lead undented.’
    • ‘His box-office appeal at the Philharmonie is undented.’
    • ‘Those who have recently observed him at close quarters can report that he is now in a very pronounced upswing which the loss of one safe Labour seat at a by-election and a narrow squeak in another has left entirely undented.’
    • ‘Our confidence undented by the occasional funny look we attract from people who consider it strange to see two middle-aged men walking round town carrying crazy golf putters.’