Definition of undemonstrative in English:



  • (of a person) not tending to express feelings, especially of affection, openly.

    ‘the English are an undemonstrative lot’
    • ‘His leading men are two teenage boys who are so undemonstrative as to be almost catatonic.’
    • ‘Mr Keston, a neat, undemonstrative figure in his blue shirt, dark blue jacket, tie and spectacles, will not be taking a radical brush to the Theatre Royal, where any cobwebs have been removed over the past decade.’
    • ‘These days, after a handshake with this undemonstrative, measured, charming man, you might have a quick check that your arm is still affixed.’
    • ‘A modest, undemonstrative fellow, Shrubb was visibly moved as the crowd ignored the joyless Glasgow weather and offered him a spine-tingling welcome.’
    • ‘Another dancer may be more reserved and hardly smile at all, being more undemonstrative and formal.’
    • ‘He worked for a while in fashion photography, but his shy and undemonstrative personality was not suited to this world, and he concentrated more on very mundane subjects such as plumbing fixtures.’
    • ‘The Queen is often berated for her old-fashioned image and reserved, undemonstrative approach.’
    • ‘He is undemonstrative, self-controlled and, in his radio and TV interviews, comes across as a man of sweet reason while answering questions in a deep, well-modulated voice.’
    • ‘He is well-known for his quiet, undemonstrative approach to a sport which has served him well since he took over from his father John in 1978.’
    • ‘I suppose in our undemonstrative way we most commonly describe the condition as a moment of ‘peace and quiet’.’
    • ‘Normally undemonstrative, Murasaki flung her arms about her father and kissed him soundly.’
    • ‘Both fell in love with a man who had suffered a lonely upbringing by distant and undemonstrative parents.’
    • ‘They are classically English: not modest exactly - hardly that - but undemonstrative, reticent, resolutely undramatic.’
    • ‘Others will view their emotional control as hard and unfeeling, regarding them as unresponsive to their moods and undemonstrative in romantic affairs.’
    • ‘Her undemonstrative manner and sober-coloured clothes, all subtle browns and beiges, do not turn heads at our meeting place, a hotel tucked away in a sandy cove in Jersey, where one of the key scenes of Being Julia is being filmed.’
    • ‘Ever graceful, serene and undemonstrative and always truthful to Mozart her deft passage work, sensitive phrasing and attention to detail showed her to be a true artist.’
    • ‘Socially he was undemonstrative, but he had a dry and perceptive wit, which was a source of considerable amusement to his colleagues and friends.’
    • ‘He was the most undemonstrative of cricketers.’
    • ‘However, on Wednesday night the normally undemonstrative boss was obviously delighted with the result.’
    • ‘So we marked our anniversary, of course we did, but we did so in the quiet, undemonstrative, mutually supportive way we tend to do things like that.’
    unemotional, unaffectionate, impassive, dispassionate
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