Definition of undemocratic in English:



  • Not relating or according to democratic principles.

    ‘an undemocratic regime’
    • ‘The undemocratic character of the meeting was further underscored by the manner in which it was called.’
    • ‘The member who just preceded me said that this is an undemocratic bill.’
    • ‘All I can add is that I feel increasingly desperate and depressed about our increasingly undemocratic society.’
    • ‘The new system operates as a quango and is therefore undemocratic.’
    • ‘This is a war that would be as immoral as it would be illegal and undemocratic.’
    • ‘Strengthening the hand of undemocratic regimes may be unavoidable in the short term.’
    • ‘The premier later told reporters that a referendum election is undemocratic and may be illegal.’
    • ‘The anti-monarchy lobby insist that the monarch is a burden on the taxpayer and undemocratic.’
    • ‘This divide and rule policy has been as crudely mercenary as it has been undemocratic.’
    • ‘This is partly because of the increasing recognition of the undemocratic and corrosive effects of secrecy.’
    • ‘There is a growing perception that the decision-making is remote, opaque, and even undemocratic.’
    • ‘It's not just the fact that they're unelected that makes it undemocratic, but the way they are put there.’
    • ‘If these elections had taken place anywhere else in the world they would have been denounced as undemocratic and unfair.’
    • ‘When a democratic election results in an undemocratic outcome, it's time to reflect.’
    • ‘In this warped environment, an undemocratic opposition movement was born.’
    • ‘The move was denounced by human rights organisations as racist, undemocratic and discriminatory.’
    • ‘Councillors have been attacked for being undemocratic over their decision to close a secondary school.’
    • ‘Detaining people in a prison for three months before charging them is a sign of a completely undemocratic society.’
    • ‘Doctors are contesting the regulations as undemocratic, arbitrary and Draconian.’
    • ‘This being the case, then it would seem to me to be undemocratic for unions and Government to join forces in preventing them from doing so.’
    autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian, despotic, tyrannical, autarchic, draconian, absolute, arbitrary, oppressive, repressive, illiberal, anti-democratic
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