Definition of undefiled in English:



  • Not defiled; pure.

    • ‘Oh, no, Ember only pretended to make out with Cale, so her lips are still undefiled.’
    • ‘It is for them a symbol of purity, undefiled despite its muddy origin.’
    • ‘There they found that they could light the Menorah for only one day, due to a lack of undefiled oil.’
    • ‘He seemed so tranquil and his features were so soft and undefiled.’
    • ‘When the subways were cleaned up, people felt better; they could get to work rumpled but undefiled.’
    • ‘However, about 80 percent of the Canadian boreal forest is still undefiled.’
    virtuous, moral, ethical, good, righteous, angelic, saintly, pious, honourable, reputable, wholesome, clean, honest, upright, upstanding, exemplary, above reproach, irreproachable, innocent
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