Definition of undeclared in English:



  • 1Not publicly announced, admitted, or acknowledged.

    ‘undeclared war’
    • ‘And although it's known that the county lost men in the undeclared wars after that, it's not clear how many.’
    • ‘Now the war is undeclared, but in the future it may come.’
    • ‘He took no notice, having quickly come to realise that such near-death experiences were a daily occurrence in central London, where car drivers and cyclists lived in a permanent state of undeclared war.’
    uncommitted, undecided, in two minds, torn, split, uncertain, unsure, wavering, vacillating, indecisive, in a quandary, in a dilemma, in doubt
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  • 2(of taxable income or dutiable goods) not declared.

    ‘undeclared cash transactions’
    • ‘A source close to them said they would vigorously dispute any suggestion of reckless or fraudulent trading, excessive expenditure, mismanagement or undeclared income.’
    • ‘Furthermore, she testified the petitioner had always been one to work in their garage at home and was capable of earning undeclared income from his skills as an automotive service technician.’
    • ‘Mr. Murphy's hefty payment was in settlement for undeclared income tax.’
    • ‘If that happened today, the money would have to be declared as a gift and she would have been charged interest and penalties for her undeclared income over the years.’
    • ‘The IRS is also cranky about undeclared income.’
    • ‘Separately, a senior tax inspector has been attending overseas property fairs in Dublin to find out if Irish customers are using undeclared cash to buy holiday homes in the sun.’
    • ‘That should mean an end to the culture of undeclared income that has permeated much of the sector.’
    • ‘The inspector will make an assessment of the full tax, interest and penalties due in respect of the undeclared income.’
    • ‘It can also source undeclared rental income on these properties.’
    • ‘The Revenue has given individuals, who put undeclared income in insurance products to come forward and make a voluntary settlement within the next six weeks.’
    unstated, unexpressed, unuttered, unsaid, unmentioned, unvoiced, unarticulated, unavowed, not spelt out, mute, silent, wordless, voiceless
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