Definition of undead in English:



  • (of a fictional being, especially a vampire) technically dead but still animate.

    ‘an undead monster from a movie’
    ‘the undead rise up to do dreadful things’
    • ‘The bulk of the screen time goes to a team of undead children and the wacky high jinks they get into while searching for human blood.’
    • ‘How do you prepare for the role of being one of the undead, albeit a principled vampire who prefers to drink the blood of cows than humans?’
    • ‘In the distance, ragged groups of men emerge from the earth like the undead, walking scarecrows.’
    • ‘Unlike other undead, vampires appear like humans and most look as they did in life.’
    • ‘Nothing at all that hinted at how I became a part of the undead.’
    • ‘People who she thought she could trust had just revealed themselves to be members of the undead.’
    • ‘While my experience of the undead is somewhat limited, I can claim it to be better than most.’
    • ‘A newly resurrected female vampire and her undead family prey on the staff and pupils of an Austrian finishing school.’
    • ‘The undead monster had a plan, and part of that plan was destroying the Chimera Queen.’
    • ‘A title filled with puddles of blood, undead monsters and tons of things that go bump in the night.’
    • ‘With this in mind, some creatures can only be stunned, such as the undead zombies.’
    • ‘For Halloween, the Max Bell Theatre will be home to the undead for a staging of Dracula.’
    • ‘Krane turned away and went to the edge to see what had happened to the undead.’
    • ‘It was quite boring really, a lot of youngsters dressed as Vampires or the undead wandering around looking ridiculous.’
    • ‘So I'm sitting here instead looking terribly pathetic in a fluffy grey jumper which makes me look like the undead on a healthy day.’
    • ‘It was an amazing video, but I didn't really associate the undead as part of the occult.’
    • ‘Her skin was pale, the cliché look of a person who had encountered the dead, or the undead.’
    • ‘They believed vampires to be the undead corpses of witches, suicides and folk who had been excommunicated by the Church.’
    • ‘He wanted to help, but there was just too many of the undead armies flowing into the streets of the city.’
    • ‘If you're being chased by a monster or the undead, that's probably not the right context.’