Definition of uncrossed in English:



  • 1(of a person's legs or arms) not folded across each other.

    • ‘She uncrossed her arms and linked her hands in her lap.’
    • ‘Mirash uncrossed his legs, and started to drum his fingers on his right leg.’
    • ‘Her fingers were not entirely uncrossed during that statement.’
    • ‘She rolled her eyes and held up her uncrossed fingers.’
    • ‘He uncrossed his arms and picked up a small water pot.’
    • ‘And while your arms are uncrossed, avoid flailing.’
    • ‘But her arms soon uncrossed, falling to her sides when he held up a brand new stroller, a small smile coming to his face.’
  • 2British (of a cheque) not crossed.

    • ‘These uncrossed cheques can be cashed by you or a helper at a post office.’
    • ‘The customer complained to the ombudsman last year after sending a cheque, which named him as the payee but was uncrossed, to his bank.’