Definition of unconsulted in English:



  • Not consulted for information or an opinion.

    ‘60% of their unconsulted theses have never been cited’
    ‘its experts are, apparently, unconsulted’
    • ‘Abigail Thernstrom, a distinguished scholar in the field and one of the unconsulted Commissioners, finds that the report contains major factual errors intended to support its pro-affirmative action agenda.’
    • ‘In his last days he worked tirelessly to establish consensus among previously unconsulted peers over how to establish in the Lords a more interventionist presiding officer on the lines of the Commons' Speaker, perhaps retaining for him the title of Lord Chancellor.’
    • ‘The United States, the leaders appeared to say, was not embarked on a wild, unilateral ride into new conflict that left Europe unconsulted and vulnerable.’
    • ‘For the Iron Age, Ofer's signature survey work in the Judean Hills goes unmentioned and, as far as I can tell, unconsulted.’
    • ‘In Bishop's own words from ‘The Country Mouse,’ she ‘had been brought back unconsulted and against my wishes to the house my father had been born in, to be saved from a life of poverty and provincialism.’’
    • ‘My extensive experience in the Egyptian National Archives has enabled me to gather a significant amount of hitherto unconsulted material.’
    • ‘How many times is the expensive-to-produce benefits booklet pushed under employees' microwaves at home and left unconsulted?’
    • ‘In the centuries after the Roman Empire turned Christian, much that the pagan world had learnt was forgotten, preserved only in unconsulted manuscripts in remote monastic libraries.’
    • ‘It is very difficult, however, to measure the impact on scholarship caused by overlooked and unconsulted research, or the opportunities lost when research funds are used to support what may be inappropriate pay-per-use fees.’
    • ‘Social conventions may render these people almost invisible in a community: uncounted, unmentionable, unconsulted.’
    • ‘Exploiting previously unconsulted sources, Hollandsworth corrects many false impressions that exist about both the Confederate and Union Native Guards.’
    • ‘Official recommendations, made by a properly constituted University Committee, were left unconsulted and unconsidered.’
    • ‘All that happens is that another avalanche of data is added to a largely unconsulted archive which is increasingly unaffordable to store.’
    • ‘It can have been no surprise when the Bill crashed, with one third of Gladstone's own (unconsulted) Liberal party opposed to the legislation.’