Definition of unconsenting in English:



  • Not consenting:

    ‘it is too heavy a burden to be borne unconsenting’
    • ‘We are no longer in the presence of a torturer seizing upon a victim and enjoying her all the more because she is unconsenting and unpersuaded.’
    • ‘Even when the Constitution vests in Congress complete law-making authority over a particular area, the Eleventh Amendment prevents congressional authorization of suits by private parties against unconsenting states.’
    • ‘Thing is, so far it looks like people are more disgusted by consensual group sex than the repeated manhandling of unconsenting women.’
    • ‘Congress has passed a bill that would slap fines up to $100,000 and prison time on anyone found taking photos or videos of unconsenting partially clad people on federal property, The Associated Press reported.’
    • ‘I fear that you're foisting your will on unconsenting people.’
    • ‘We know that the surgeon may not kill one of her unconsenting patients to save five others, and we know that this must be so regardless of whether a careful consequentialist calculus supports this result.’
    • ‘Doing a permanent, unnecessary medical procedure on an unconsenting person is wrong.’
    • ‘The strongest argument against abortion is that an innocent, unconsenting human being is murdered by a medical procedure.’
    • ‘As soon as the practice of students practising examination technique on unconscious and unconsenting patients becomes widely known, what remaining trust the public has in the medical profession will be further undermined.’
    • ‘Moreover, life-endangering acts, such as parachute jumping, would place the unconsenting fetus in unreasonable danger.’
    • ‘His comments regarding circumcision were ill-informed and failed to take into account the ethical and human rights issues pertaining to forced sexual reduction surgery on unconsenting minors.’
    compulsory, obligatory, mandatory, forced, coerced, coercive, compelled, exacted, imposed, demanded, required, constrained, ordained, prescribed
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