Definition of unconsecrated in English:



  • Not consecrated:

    ‘he was buried in unconsecrated ground’
    • ‘If I had the power, all those English cheats would be down into unconsecrated ground where they belonged.’
    • ‘In one poem, he defends himself against the accusation that burial in unconsecrated ground is wrong.’
    • ‘After all, it's not every day a housing development takes place on a burial ground, albeit unconsecrated.’
    • ‘When a local man who had opposed the bishop's plans died last week, he was buried on the contentious land, and the priest reportedly refused to celebrate the funeral Mass, insisting the grave was on unconsecrated ground.’
    • ‘He had to be buried in unconsecrated ground outside the city walls.’
    • ‘A charge was brought against him for celebrating Holy Communion in an unconsecrated building without a proper license.’
    • ‘Samboo's unconsecrated grave at Sunderland Point is often visited by schoolchildren.’
    • ‘He was buried two days later in unconsecrated ground reserved for convicts, paupers and suicides in an unmarked grave in the cemetery at Toodyay.’
    • ‘Up to 1823 the suicide was required to be buried at a crossroads, in unconsecrated ground, with a stake through the heart (the barbarous ceremony was, for obvious reasons, rarely carried out).’
    • ‘As it was unconsecrated grounds, a vicar could not perform the ceremony so Mr Showers announced he was inviting a top lung surgeon to perform the ceremony.’
    • ‘The unconsecrated dead are recorded on his father's tombstone, and thus given a taste of immortality.’
    • ‘Satan, working through unconsecrated leaders of the church, tampered with the fourth commandment also, and essayed to set aside the ancient sabbath.’
    • ‘The remains had originally been found in an unconsecrated graveyard at Tonybaun, along the River Moy between Ballina and Foxford.’
    • ‘Santayana, a lifelong Spanish citizen, asked to be buried in unconsecrated ground, and actually secured a plot in ‘Panteon de la Obra Pia espanola’ in the Campo Verano cemetery, thanks to the Spanish government.’
    • ‘They aim to create a memorial garden to infants who were buried in unconsecrated ground, as well as miscarried or still-born infants.’
    • ‘They buried him in unconsecrated ground, as befitted a disreputable member of a degenerate profession.’
    • ‘If they do not remonstrate with the young couple for their sacrilegious behaviour, it may be because that they know that the church over which they have stewardship is an unconsecrated one.’
    • ‘Thus the admonition in I Corinthians 7, where the children are sanctified by at least one believing parent - else they would be unholy, or, in other words, unconsecrated.’
    • ‘Where they are found in nature they may be worshipped as Shiva despite being unconsecrated.’
    • ‘The remains can be reinterred in an unconsecrated piece of ground at the courthouse.’
    non-religious, lay, non-church, temporal, worldly, earthly, profane
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