Definition of unconcerned in English:



  • Showing a lack of worry or interest, especially when this is surprising or callous.

    ‘Scott seemed unconcerned by his companion's problem’
    • ‘John Howard was unconcerned by the incident, praising his security staff.’
    • ‘Putras seems unaffected and unconcerned, as if it is then of no interest to him.’
    • ‘Even when she threatened to contact the police Hoyle seemed unconcerned and continued to pull himself through the window.’
    • ‘But she seems peculiarly unconcerned about the distraction a fainting father might present to the midwife.’
    • ‘They appeared unconcerned about the ultimate usefulness of such a costly education in a depressed market.’
    • ‘Yet the government does exactly this and the public seems pretty much unconcerned about it.’
    • ‘They did not worry if their victims were at home and seemed unconcerned about being disturbed.’
    • ‘One could justly add that Spielberg's magic touch is tangible, even if it appears a little unconcerned.’
    • ‘Mr. Helmer appears to have been unconcerned as he talked casually with Constable Stanway.’
    • ‘His companions are seemingly unconcerned about his fatal injuries, being much more worried about the fate of the horse.’
    • ‘I catch a glimpse of the sleek shape of a white-tipped reef shark gliding towards us with unconcerned ease.’
    • ‘Richard lies in the shape of a cross on the soil, pretending to be a dreamer unconcerned with the world.’
    • ‘Astor noticed an immediate change in Philip Hallan's studied air of unconcerned interest.’
    • ‘Without a plan, Democrats risk looking unconcerned about future retirees.’
    • ‘The US is equally unconcerned globally, federally, statewide and locally.’
    • ‘Kemino meant the question to sound worried, but it came out unconcerned and a bit shallow.’
    • ‘First there was a deer, quite sketchy, but with a bright, open face, unconcerned, as though he was simply standing at rest.’
    • ‘They are totally unconcerned with the conduct of things in this place.’
    • ‘Despite being warned by crew members, the Manchester man was said to have shown no remorse and seemed unconcerned by his actions.’
    • ‘This sow seemed unconcerned with the onlookers, being more than content just to keep an eye on her new litter of piglets.’
    indifferent about, unmoved by, apathetic about, uninterested in, incurious about, uninvolved in, uninvolved with, dispassionate about, deaf to, heedless of, unmindful of, bored by
    untroubled, unworried, unperturbed, unruffled, unanxious, insouciant, nonchalant, blasé, carefree, blithe, casual, without a care in the world, serene, relaxed, at ease, devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky, cool, calm, and collected
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