Definition of unconcern in English:



  • [mass noun] A lack of worry or interest, especially when surprising or callous:

    ‘he is famed for his ‘laid-back’ attitude, his apparent unconcern about his actions’
    • ‘The near enemy is indifference, which is based on intentional unconcern.’
    • ‘On the contrary, I find the very unconcern profoundly disturbing.’
    • ‘But unconcern about the evidence is of course hardly new among Leftists.’
    • ‘Nature's primal fury, man's unbridled fear, political apathy, bureaucratic inertia, rural angst, urban unconcern all found their way into the cascade of grief unleashed by the twenty-one poets.’
    • ‘We've come to delight in having a few tea lights burning of an evening but it's essential, given the majestic unconcern with which Dolly wields her fluffy tail, to protect the flames inside a glass lantern.’
    • ‘This concern often stands in marked contrast with the callous and greedy unconcern of the current wielders of power and influence in the Middle East.’
    • ‘Any man would be gutted by even one such loss, but Norman has always affected a public air of unconcern whenever the subject comes up.’
    • ‘But the lack of substance ultimately adds to the mood: flamboyant unconcern underlined by apocalyptic decadence.’
    • ‘With what blithe unconcern, too, it has disregarded the one-pointers.’
    • ‘Beneath a placid surface of seeming unconcern over the earnings downturn and cost squeeze, there is growing turmoil within Scotland's financial services industry.’
    • ‘‘Nothing's wrong with your friend, honey, so now take her up to your room and don't forget to be nice,’ my mom scolds me, a look of unconcern on her face.’
    • ‘If the other people in the group are also presenting a facade of unconcern, the bystander will incorrectly interpret their appearance of unconcern as a sign that there is no emergency.’
    • ‘None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result.’
    • ‘Not a lot of details about corruption and zealotry and black books and unconcern for the poor in there.’
    • ‘It seems that Frank had a West Indian touch to him, to the way he batted and the way he lived, to his splendid unconcern for the record books and his fondness for rum.’
    • ‘There is a climate of simplification, of elimination, of utter freedom and even unconcern, which forms one of the fundamental features of the entire Vedic experience.’
    • ‘The police are of course a picture of unconcern when it comes to illegal encroachments and pavement vendors who have taken over the entire footpath, even on arterial roads.’
    • ‘So when the totem tumbles, consistency alone would seem to justify something more regretful than a shrug of unconcern.’
    • ‘Is not a Patron, my Lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and, when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help?’
    • ‘As early as 1959, Grass had his first and most slippery narrator, Oscar Matzerath in The Tin Drum, allude to this maritime disaster, though only in passing and with feigned unconcern.’
    indifference, apathy, lack of concern, lack of interest, uninterestedness, nonchalance, equanimity, insouciance, lack of involvement, passivity, dispassionateness, dispassion, detachment, aloofness, remoteness, reserve
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